Top 10 chilling horror tales | gothic literature |
As a lover of books, probably more than films, I couldn’t but consider why in the lead up to Halloween horror films are all over the cinema billboards and litter the TV schedule, while classic gothic literature is relegated to dusty library shelves. Granted, scary movies boast something of a cult following, and its much less committal to watch a movie than read a book, yet few are actually good films. Damsels in distress walking around a dark haunted house in their underwear, werewolfs, zombies and vampires rising from the dead and hungry for blood are the basic scary movie preambles.

In truth there are few seminal movies of the horror genre which have made cinema history, but there are plenty of dark literary works, that well, are true masterpieces. Take a trip into the western canon of literature and come out the other side, scared and more cultured.