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Rescooped by Antonios Bouris from sustainable architecture!

Margot Krasojevic Turns Snow Cave Shelters into Practical, Impossible Art

Margot Krasojevic Turns Snow Cave Shelters into Practical, Impossible Art | Communication design |

Margot Krasojevic's latest proposal, a mesh shelter that takes the concept of snow caves and applies it to an artificial structure, is built for an eminently practical purpose: a built emergency shelter for climbers and others caught in extreme conditions.

The elaborate, high tech and naturally contoured structure is as much a thought experiment as it is a serious architectural proposal, with the carbon fibre mesh acting as a snow-catcher, forming a frame for a large snow drift. The captured snow works as both building material and insulation, allowing for the creation of a shelter of several rooms. Inside sits a wooden frame suspended from the mesh and attached to the landscape by climbing ropes, which avoid freezing by swaying. This frame can have canvases attached to it, and contains cell-like modules that would act as sleeping areas...

Via Lauren Moss
Proto3000's comment, July 16, 2015 5:31 PM 3d printing ing Architecture
Rescooped by Antonios Bouris from visual data!

Imagining The ‘Creative Process’ As Abstract Illustrations

Imagining The ‘Creative Process’ As Abstract Illustrations | Communication design |

Toronto-based designer Scott Wise has illustrated the ‘creative process’—imagining it as abstract illustrations. 

In the series, the elements commonly-known to those in the creative industry—‘core idea’, ‘brainstorm’, ‘ideation’, ‘iteration’, ‘refinement’, and ‘feedback loop’—are visually summarized.

View more illustrations at

Via Lauren Moss
Lola Ripollés's curator insight, August 18, 2013 5:20 AM

Siempre hablamos de los mind maps. Si le añadimos creatividad además al hecho de describir la creatividad en sí, el resultado es asombroso.

Lua Valentine's curator insight, September 17, 2013 4:56 PM

Interesting. As thoughts actually appear. Randomly and like a mess. 

Mrkjcbs Inh's curator insight, October 5, 2013 9:21 AM

A creative process can sometimes be quite difficult to describe. This actuallly makes it look easy.