Romney Gets No Bounce From Last Week's GOP Convention | GOPO Polls |
Mitt Romney received no convention bounce, based on Gallup Daily tracking before (47%) and after (46%) last week's Republican National Convention. He joins John Kerry and George McGovern as nominees who did not get a bounce.

     Coming from the view of a republican, I'm surprised that Romney received a negative bounce in response to the convention. He was able to appeal to a wide variety of women, using his mother and rose story, and to minorities using the spanish speaking Rubio. I suppose the fact that he packed so many appeals into his speech left little room for solutions to issues brought up in the keynotw speech, therefore making his overall impression much weaker. Romney, being the first republican to receive a negative bounce, is still within a 1 percent gap of Obama's advantage, leaving me personally worried that Obama's bounce will increasingly widen that gap.