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This wonderful piece was written by Michael Todd. Michael is so generous with strategy, please visit his website, you'll learn so much and maybe even make a great new friend! Thank you Michael....



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He gives us great strategy on how to get our G+ house in order and build our presence there. Not to mention the fact that it is possibly the best place to get your content shared online.


Here's an excerpt:


We need to be very aware that the Google + API is about to open any day and that business pages and communities are also due for imminent release.


I have no doubt at all that G+ will go from strength to strength and become a very vital part of everyday life online for everyone. The reach and tools that Google has are overwhelming and we are about to see them all lined up. Blogger, Picassa, Gmail, Google Docs, Places, Images, You Tube, Search and more and more.


So up till today around 3500 people had circled me but my circles were all over the place. I had made too many I think and I had simply followed back everyone who had circled me. That would be my preferred policy but unfortunately there is a pesky 5,000 circling limit which we will all hit before too long.


**Now is the time to get it sorted out.



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