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On the heels of some wild trading action this past week in the gold, silver and stock markets, today 56-year market veteran and analyst Ron Rosen sent King World News a fascinating piece.  Rosen states that we are headed for some extremely violent trading in stock markets this year, but he believes gold and silver will begin a dynamic rise in 2013.  Nick Laird from ShareLynx assisted Rosen by putting together some fantastic charts for this piece.

The secret to knowing what the markets will do through time is really no secret.  All we really must know is how people in the markets collectively function through time.  Are there collective patterns of buying and selling?  Do any of these patterns repeat through time? Do market movements from the past repeat in the future?  The answer is yes, they do. This is what I have been studying for 56 years.  


Before I could confidently and accurately see patterns in others taking place I had to see the patterns in myself and examine how I repeated them over and over.  Until I began to fully recognize them I was not able to change and modify them.  The markets consist of millions of participants who do not recognize that they are collectively repeating their patterns of buying and selling through time ...