Los Angeles, CA 7TH Aug, 2014 - goalstatement.net, a top rated goal statement writing agency has replaced its customer support manager after a month long vacuum. A statement released by the firm noted that after a comprehensive search for an able replacement over the last few weeks indeed a fitting match has been found and will soon be unveiled to the entire team. Goalstatement.net has expressed its relief towards this development saying that the new appointee will provide a continuity in leadership in customer support for the coming few months.

The company has added that the customer support department is one of the most important ones in its pursuit to deliver goal statement writing services to as many customers as possible and therefore it was indeed worried with the prolonged search for a new manager. However, it seems the firm has finally found the right fit and in fact, goalstatement.net has welcomed customers to take advantage of this development as soon as they can. In addition to this, the provider has also noted that the new manager will be starting duties soon.

According to analysts in the market the replacement of the customer support manager will come as a huge relief for many customers looking up to goalstatement.net for the best personal goal statement. The firm has for years now led the way in setting in place an efficient and effective customer support system and the recent appointment is simply designed to help maintain this tradition. It will be very interesting to see how things will shape up at the firm's support desk in the coming months but so far, things are really looking great.

Goalstatement.net has categorically stated that it vetted all candidates who applied for the opportunity rigorously. The firm which has helped a lot of people understand the basics in writing a goal statement over the years is confident that the new manager was the best among the lot and will bring on board outstanding expertise and experience in the long run.

For most people looking for quality goal statement writing services the need to explore the service of a proven professional cannot be emphasized more than it has in recent years. Although goalstatement.net is actually one of the very few entities in the market offering this service, the provider has done well to meet the current demand in the sector. For more information on its career goal statement writing services please get in touch through support@goalstatement.net.

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