Many people out there are familiar with the to-ing and fro-ing by scientist who either dispute or support the claim that climate change, global warming what ever you want to call it is being driven by human activity and our insatiable consumption of fossil fuels. If you take 5 minutes of your time to delve into this horribly prevalent debate and look for yourself on the internet to find out what is the real answer its safe to say you will discover nothing since the topic is awash with rubbishy information boged graphs and a mountain of disinformation in all directions. Its hard to even dig up the fact that when looking at the total amount of C02 in our atmosphere the human percentage of that figure is astonishingly low, most C02 coming from the worlds oceans! If that is case why do we have all this dirty C02 talk and ourselves getting the blame for it?
Well the big secret is, as NASA has revealed that every planet in the solar system's average temperature is rising. Why? Because our planet temperature follows the natural ebb and flow of our star the Sun! During the Medieval warm period that lasted for more than 100 years vineyards were growing in Scotland and the Arctic was some 2.0 degrees warmer. Carbon taxes are a
very convenient new tax system being eyed by world leaders and when we
except everything else why not that too?