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Dealing with Difficult People: The Know-It-All

Dealing with Difficult People: The Know-It-All | Global Leaders |
Got a know-it-all in your life who knows everything except, perhaps, how to act like a real human being? Read on for tips on how to deal.
Anne Egros's insight:


According to the author of this article, Susan Davis, the Know It All (KIAs) are part of the most difficult people in the world to deal with, along with :


*The bullies

*The stealth destroyers

*The "yes" people

**The complainers

*The martyrs


 There are KIAs everywhere but it is particularly annoying when this type of person is your boss, employee or co-worker.


So what can you do when you are engaged in a dead end conversation with a KIA or worse with a clique of KIAs?


No matter what you say, those people will never be interested in your ideas if they don't think like you. They usually use criticism, condescending or sarcastic tone and even try to intimidate you..


KIA people lack basic emotional intelligence and are self-defensive trying to exclude anybody who are not admiring their intelligence or agree with their truth or faith.


As much as possible  stay calm and relaxed not trying to argue at all. You will  always lose  if you try to battle with their ego. In addition, it is not good for your heart and well-being as you may feel frustrated and angry.


In case having a conversation is unavoidable, then ask the KIA person questions about their field of expertise  they will be more than happy to teach you something.

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How Active is Your Listening?

How Active is Your Listening? | Global Leaders |

Business owners are not universally noted for their active listening skills, and any efforts made by them to improve their skills in this area, can pay long term dividends for themselves and their businesses.


Because active listening requires effort and overt behaviour, it is not something that comes naturally to a busy business owner, and is a skill that requires both understanding and practice to master.


This excellent article, outlines the important purposes active listening serves, and it suggests three useful techniques that can help any business owner to improve their active listening skills.

Via Daniel Watson, donhornsby
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