11/10 Event: 7 Billion Well: Re-Imagining Global Health | Global Health, Physician Assistant, Healthcare for All, Affordable Healthcare | Scoop.it

Global health does not only encompass the maternal deaths in Zambia or underweight infants in Guatemala, it's about you and me--it's about every single human being on the planet. It's about us being able to envision 7 Billion Well. From the bottom to the top, we can make a difference in the lives of every person. We often hear about global health as a distant topic, but nothing can be further from the truth. This is because WE can make a real impact in each others' lives regardless of distance now more than ever before in our history. Imagine a world in which each human being not only saw health as their responsibility but had rightful access to better sanitation and water, adequate nutrition, and healthcare. What if you knew you could help make this happen?


Join luminaries in academia, technology, medicine, entertainment, business, and beyond in envisioning a world of 7 Billion Well. Hear inspiring stories of innovation, revolution, and change in global health, from saving children's' lives in the most remote areas to shifting your mindset and lifestyle.