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War notes based on Week 5 by Digz

War notes based on Week 5 by Digz | Global Conflict weekly |

-Operation Dinner Out-

After intense weeks being 24/7, not more than 500m from the front line.
Moving behind Gladius tipoint recon force, the Red Cross armada halted
to setup field-hospital and wait for supply air drops. As Gladious
recon force moved ahead and away, the method stayed the same
by the sounds from far away: Small long range patrol units
move hard and fast scanning the terrain, calling out Star "prizes"
for the big guns when they got eyes on them from far. Armor
and mobile INF moves in, as soon as the recon push ahead
the target area, if recon get hammered by "leftovers" , they move back, and wait
for the main force, or another round of metal rain to tear down those
pockets of resistnce.


The thing is, you get to see only one narrow line and one side of the story
when you keep moving with the same routine, at the same direction.
our armed escort kept going. So there we were, after the last
wounded man got airlifted away, opening supply crates
from that chopper. Seemed like boring routine is underway.
But it didn’t last long, wind whispers going through the trees, got
replaced by the shouts of Star troops, left with no command,
no ammo and supply, but hungry and eager to regain power.
Dirty uniforms, dirty faces, some came alone after smalls groups left.
they must had good reason to stick alone even when they left their army.
War make all keep some burried secrets.


After the last group of these Star runaways or should I say
survivors, left us alone- all the Doc's agreed the air supply
drop should be pushed ahead so we'll be ready for the first
wave of wounded. Again we got rushed by random groups
after nightfall, this time it was the locals, begging for
warm clothes, after their homes were burned down.


Mornings come fast when you don’t sleep, trying to help
and write down the personal angle from the people
who made it out alive to tell it. At first light the airdrop
came in, and the rebels too. Things got a bit ugly,
few wounded locals were pushed outside their beds,
the armed rebels claimed these locals were playing sick
so they wont be called to fight with the local rebels.
The doctors and nurses yelled at them, but staring
at a barrel of a gun can win you an argument.
Small medical team- one Doctor, two field medics,
one local guide and one local volunteer, and I,
decided to accept one rebel leader invite
as he flys out to form up with his comrades at Finland.
Finland rebelling got a history from WW2, and everyone
needs a friend or 1,000 when a war is going on. So
as this guy went on his P.R. tour, for fair trade,
terror methods study, and then letting the Fins
do the same, so their reply will go back with him,
we did the same. Fly there, learn how
to keep a wounded man alive in the harsh cold winter,
see if we can form volunteers to help us treat their
locals and troops who'd been wounded, and ask
the rebels there for their story.


The funny thing in this meeting was looking
at all this rebels from warm countries
arriving to that forest cave, dug with secret tunnels*
half of them were over dressed for the cold,
and the other half didn’t prepare at all.
The first scoop handed to me was
both armies are the enemy but
troops from both sides were fighting along
with the rebels, after either their homes demolished
by their own army, or their units been erased.
Both off the earth and declared combat in-affiective
by thier leadership. People from all over the world
looked at each other from both ends of the battle,
are now looking from the same side with the sights,
wasting their own army sometimes, just for the cause.
the cause and the truth changes, It only matters who
you ask for it. Fins are fighting with one target:
they wont take us alive, they wont claim our land.
And if we don’t get it back, no army will too. not with
one stone on-top the other, leave nothing for them.


The Second scoop was that in some countries the rebels
would look upon a raging Star Vs Gladious battle,
and then making the call which army should be dealt with
so the other will be the victor. One example is seeing
Gladius win by its arty cover, and then taking out the ammo supply
trucks- mines, ambush, rockets, theft and so on, then the Star
start to regain the momentum, rebels would move underground or undercover
with white snow camos through the woods, setting charges on bridges as Star forces push and rush to strike back. And back to Finland- why meet here?
the rebels here are not always controlling the show, but they
got nothing to lose. happy with one meal a day, always looking upon the half-full side of the magazine, never backing down, these guys got something going, hence all the rebel world wide
rush to here, learn from them, help them with what they need, and get back all the
support they can for their own homelands, today's rebel can be yesterdays soldier,
or yesterdays hardworking family man. the last victory was the sweetest so
the rebels told around the warm "night camp fire"- a circle of rebels
warming up around a burning comm bunker of their foes.
the bunker was cleared and burned down, after they tapped into
the radio, getting confirm on their victory: personal salt packs
for all Star and Gladius HQ officers on the front line field command centers
got to the field kitchen storage with wrong labeling- due to online hack
that made the factories computers to type- "sugar" on the packs.


And so the rebels may be going to sleep with empty stomachs,
but today it will also hurt from laughter.


*one rebel told me about a Gladius troop leaning on a tree
at the forest, he didn’t have the time to pull out his
cigaret out of his mouth, it all happened too fast.
And he was rolling down one secret entry to the
tunnels, through the wooden door in the tree.
just to end up, alone in a dark sleeping hall
where all the rebels woke up from a
screaming troop that tumbled on some of them.
he wasn’t killed by them, the truth is, he is the rebel
that told me his own story!


by GCW reporter Digz, assigned to Red Cross Doc roe medical unit
(first Red Cross unit attached to Rebel forces), Finland, classified location.

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Week 5 - Gladius pushing towards Star HQs

Week 5 - Gladius pushing towards Star HQs | Global Conflict weekly |

Tanks escorted by Elite Infantry in the Canadian Rockies


-Gladius bombs Peru-
Gladius heavy Bombers having Bombing raids on Star bases, defense lines, factories and government structures for the past 72 hours after achieving air superiority over the Star South American air force, which was effectively destroyed.
sources on the border line tell us Gladius artillery started heavy bombing on the Star forces from the other side 3 hours ago. Looks like Gladius is going to push into Peru soon.


-Gladius half way to Alaska!-
Star forces on Yukon were surprised to see Gladius tanks and troops deep inside Yukon territory.
5 Days ago Gladius forces under the command of Fieldmarshall Shrapnel , including several Elite and Crack divisions moved through the small village of Chief Mountain along a path found in the Canadian Rockies, thought to be In-navigable by Star Generals and turned out deep in British Colombia. Star borderline forces found themselves sandwiched from both sides while other Gladius forces race towards Dawson City. Gladius constant motion and rapid movements making it difficult for Star to respond effectively.


-Star Mainland invaded!-
Egypt was Invaded two days ago by a Gladius forces, but not from Suez Canal. Somehow Gladius was able to establish a beach head from Saudi Arabia to Egypt across the Red sea. For some reason the communications with the 56th division defending that coast line were terminated prior to the attack and no attack warning was sound by the 56th.
Gladius forces pour out from the beach into Egypt, currently fighting inside Cairo, Asyut, and Luxor.
with a tank battles taking place outside of Alexandria.


Sources across Africa report massive Star forces moving to the north to support Egypt, looks like Star cannot afford to loose Egypt, moving everything they have there, including divisions from the south Atlantic wall and reserves.


It is yet unclear how Gladius managed to set a beach head across the sea without a fight, emerging inside the territory, flanking the divisions guarding the border and attacking them from behind. Star 240mm howitzers dug into the hills proved useless, since they could not turn around. Our sources in Star report the HQ is dumbfounded to why the 56th division, that was in charge that coast line defense, didn't engage Gladius forces, and what happened to all the soldiers. One option is that the commander of the 56th division surrendered to Gladius as they moved forward. this is unlikely since the division is made of highly trained troops and had excellent defensive positions set up to repel any attack. Star unofficial accusations accusing Gladius using a chemical attack, possible artillery shells with nerve gas, against the 56th. but it doesn't explain why they didn't sound the alarm and send a warning to HQ saying they are under attack. Could Gladius secret agents penetrated into Star army ranks? and somehow stopped/disrupted the comms with the 56th as part of the attack?
The corporations did not make use of their NBC reserves as its impossible to predict the consequences. Nuclear war would more likely wipe both corporations and turn Earth into uninhabitable for humans.
Star haven't released any official comment, but a readiness order was issued to all Star NBC reserves.


-Army of the Finland Republic still holds-
Despite Gladius attacks, Finland rebels still hold Lapland. Blowing up Gladius tanks and trucks entering the Keminmaa village, mining the roads to Kemijärvi, booby-trapping buildings in Salla and blowing them up on Gladius Troops.
The rebels report they are in control of the Europe E63 route near Posio. one of the major roads used by Gladius logistics across Europe.
People from all around Finland and bordering countries are moving in Lapland to support the Finnish Republic Army.


Looks as if the Finland success boosted rebels and terroristic acts worldwide despite the PMCs imposing Curfews on more then 50 major cities across the world, large part of them in North America.

Rebels from Texas announced they are in control of one of the southeastern Austin suburbs. The report is unconfirmed.
in Nigeria a Star high ranking officer serving in the police Anti Terrorist unit was found shot in the head, with a list of his supposed crimes against the Nigerian people attached to the body.


by GCW reporter NecroMancer

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Week 4 - Star army reforms

Week 4 - Star army reforms | Global Conflict weekly |

Gladius checkpoint, searching for Finish rebels


The Star army was in disarray since the beginning of the struggle. As Gladius captured cities across the border, Star did whatever it could to defend its territories. However, in the past 3 weeks, great reforms took place in the Star army, starting with salary boosts covered in previous weeks and continuing with command "brick wall" and the removal of old Generals and placement of new and younger commanders in the field. The end of the reform was marked by executing the General in charge for the failure to defend Turkey.



-Gladius spread thin in Europe after last week attack-


Looks like Gladius is suffering from logistic issues, taking long time to get replacements to the front lines.
Star, being in the Coffee business for years, and having excellent logistics, seized the opportunity to strike Germany while the remaining Gladius forces in Germany spread thin because of the failed attack on France last week.
The new General assigned to the European front as part of the Star army reform, General Cheesy, mobilized 2 mechanized infantry divisions, one armor and one paratrooper division. The paratrooper division landed in the Saarland region before the attack and dug in. As the main attack began and Gladius forces moved in to engage Star forces coming from the south, they were ambushed by the paratroopers. At least one division was destroyed. With the power balance of 2:1 , Fieldmarshal Gwynzer, in charge of the Gladius's Army Group Europe and staying near Saarbrucken ordered a tactical retreat, setting up a perimeter at the Germany - Moscow - Leningrad border.
General Cheesy tried to continue the attack further into Russia, but was stopped by Fieldmarshal Gwynzer's reorganized defense.



-Star Elite troops display ability taking China-


General Fields in charge of the Asian Front as part of the Star reforms, tested the ability of the Elite divisions under his command by ordering one elite tank division, two elite infantry divisions and one elite mechanized infantry division to move into China. The result was 4 Gladius divisions destroyed, Gladius Army Group Asia Fieldmarshal killed, and the Army Group dissolved.
Star suffered only 35 killed and a hundred wounded.
With the capture of China, Gladius looses important industry factories, and making Star coffee initiative potentially the biggest manufacturer, although currently Star Corporation having a financial crisis giving Gladius time to reorganize.



-Star underestimates Japan-


As the Elite divisions moved swiftly into China, General Fields was sure he can take Japan just as easily, sending 3 infantry divisions into Japan.
However, the disciplined Japanese soldiers proved to be more then a match to Star troops. Star infantry divisions were able to push only 230 Kilometers into China before loosing half of their strength at which point the Japanese marshal ordered a counter attack, annihilating the remaining troops, and showing Star that Japanese soldiers are not to be underestimated.



-Rebel and Guerrilla attacks escalates-


In every large city officials were shot at by small arms fire. Bombs taped to their cars, and RPGs shot at their cars.
However, the most interesting development took place in Finland:



-Uprising against Gladius!-


The people of former Finland, todays part of the state of Scandinavia , stormed the Gladius regional council in Lapland yesterday and set it on fire.
Large numbers of people join the armed rebels and guerrilla forces in fighting against Gladius PMC for Finland's freedom. They now call themselves the Army of the Finland Republic. Currently the "Finland Army" is in control of the Lapland region, with other parts of Finland in disarray. The forces loyal to Gladius in the area were able to stop the Finland army at Northern Ostrobothnia, and the fighting over Lapland continues.


Gladius must crush the uprising soon, or other populations might follow Finland and try to break

off from Gladius rule.


Both Private Military Corporations, use the previous governments structure to maintain order. However, in light of poor achievements fighting the guerrilla forces, the PMCs suspect officials and agents that served the country before the PMCs came to power are working together with the guerrilla, supplying them updated intel and covering up their prints, hoping the PMCs will abandon their country and they will be able to once again declare independence.
The PMCs don't have enough professional security service agents and officials to replace all the ones that worked under the old rule and are thus in dilemma. The meanwhile solution is ordering the Military counter intelligence, loyal to the HQ, to conduct secret investigations about the officials and agents working for governments, blowing the cover over anyone having relations with guerrilla forces. It will take months to see the first results, so we expect guerrilla attacks will continue for now.


In Africa, a militia force is terrorizing people living in small villages in Congo, kidnapping kids and shooting men and women, having several encounters with the Star army. The head of the militia is calling himself "The Leader".
In response, Star added his name to the "wanted" list, made sure his own "soldiers" will turn him up to get the money.
After Gladius had set a prize for Generalissimus Starfisher head last week, Star returned the favor -
- STAR Wanted Dead List - Anyone able to assassinate the following officers will be awarded:
Acturus - Gladius Grand Marshall
Shrapnel - Gladius Fieldmarshall
Gwynzer - Gladius Fieldmarshall Army Group Europe
Sirslicey - Gladius Marshall
a432 - Gladius Agent
The Leader - Congo Militia Leader


In light of recent events, Gladius updated their Assassination list as well:
Generalissimus Starfisher - leader of Starfisher Coffee Initiative Corporation
General Cheesy - European Front
General Fields - Asian Front
Lieutenant General TacticalVirus - HQ
Lieutenant General KILLERCANKILL - HQ


Updated map:


by GCW reporter NecroMancer

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Week 2 - Operation Double-Edged Dirk

Week 2 - Operation Double-Edged Dirk | Global Conflict weekly |

Photo of captured Zimbabwe airport



-Operation Double-Edged Dirk-


Battles along the Africa - Europe borderline continues, as Gladius is trying to push forward towards STAR HQ, but without success so far. STAR continues to send just enough troops to hold Gladius advance. for the last two weeks the PMC was able to amass 500 thousand troops at the border with south Africa, commencing the attack last Wednesday. STAR swiftly gained control over Zimbabwe after Airforce bombardment, however they had a harder time taking South Africa, as Gladius forces included two Elite divisions that managed to destroy several STAR divisions. The amount of killed soldiers on both sides is yet unknown.


With the capture of entire Africa continent, STAR began the construction of the south Atlantic wall, a line of fortification along the beach to render any attempt of amphibious attack impossible. The people of Africa that suffered from poverty and civil wars will finally enter the developing countries group as the new regime pours money into fortifications and new industrial complexes to replace those lost in Kazakhstan and the West coast last week.


After capturing south Africa, STAR turned its forces against Saudi Arabia. But with a warning from the south Gladius local general, ordered a counter attack capturing Sinai peninsula and establishing a defensive line over the Suez canal just in time for STAR troops arriving from the south. Despite all attempts, STAR was unable to cross the canal and establish a secured landing zone. After loosing 2 divisions to enemy fire STAR general called off the attack, continuing to bombard the east side of the canal with artillery fire to soften the enemy before attempting another push.


STAR attempted one more attack from Australia to Indonesia and, after a long nigh of fighting, the Gladius general was able to repel the attack, suffering heavy losses.

STAR called the attack "Operation Two-Edged Dirk", because the army attacked in two opposite directions, and in regard to the Gladius surprise attack last week.



-Protests against the war are worldwide-


Last Friday, hundreds of thousands of people under Gladius rule swarmed the streets protesting against the war. In New York, Paris and London more then 300 thousand people participated in the protests that started quietly but soon people started destroying display windows, setting Banks, cars and dumpsters on fire and throwing stones at police. Gladius dispatched the military to disperse the demonstration, resulting in 68 killed protesters around the globe. Gladius General Arcturus signed an order stating any group organization is now against the law. As the press and the media gave a wide coverage to the protest, Gladius HQ appointed loyal men into controlling positions over the press and media, making the Gladius PMC into a dictatorship.


Protests against the war took place under the STAR regime as well, but with the surprise attack from Gladius last week participation was poor, with protesters for the "just war against the ruthless attacker" spontaneously (or by government order) forming up on opposite side.
STAR also started to prosecute journalists writing against the organization and for independent rule for the countries, closing newspapers and TV studios that distributed those views.



-Guerrilla attacks became more frequent-


The Guerrilla forces seem to get stronger as guerrilla organizations from different countries team up.

The terrorist acts that took place last week is too much to cover in this short update, but include suicide bombers in Iraq, bald ambushes on Gladius forces in Russia, car blowing up in New York and several cities in South America, shot police officers in Texas and destroyed railways in North America, kidnapped STAR officers in France, blown up munitions in Britain and more...


Updated map:


by GCW reporter NecroMancer



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Week 0, The BFI - First clashes recorded between the new PMCs

Week 0, The BFI - First clashes recorded between the new PMCs | Global Conflict weekly |

UAV photo taken over Alsace


First signs of hostilities were seen this week between the two new corporations that took over the dissembled DARK empire.
numerous collisions between the two PMCs took place between their borderlines across the globe.


In south america, outposts of both sides exchanged artillery barrages, escalating to the point that a Gladius division moved in and sized the border town of Paso de los Libres. The fighting for the city is still ongoing, with both sides requesting more reinforcements.


In North America, Gladius stray fire on rebels landed in STAR territory. STAR representative responded, the forces in the field retaliated with artillery fire on the point of origin.

In Europe, certain encounters between STAR and Gladius troops led to exchange of artillery barrages from both sides, and to an undefined border between both PMCs with each accusing the other on trespassing.


The most shocking development however came from the Alsace region in France. On Tuesday, several explosions were heard in the area, which fell inside the STAR territory during the border changes as the PMCs took control over.
We now know what happened - a guerrilla rebel attack started detonating the munitions of a large STAR army base. In the disarray they stormed the base killing the soldiers, taking control of the base and sabotaging infrastructure and valuable STAR factories in the area.
In response, STAR dispatched several divisions to the area, retaking the base, eliminating all opposition, crossing the border and capturing Saarbrucken City on Friday.


STAR spokesmen said the attack on their base in Alsace was carried out by Gladius. STAR claims a Gladius commando devision disguised as civilians lead the attack with the help of rebels coming from the city of Saabrucken, from where the attack was originated. The STAR army imposed a curfew on the city as its searching for those responsible for the attack.
Gladius Announced earlier today: "STAR troops must leave the city and Gladius territory immediately or face the consequences of their irresponsible actions".
Sources tell us Gladius issued a full sweep of the area and is moving in large forces from nearby territories. Meanwhile STAR troops started to dig in and build fortifications inside and outside of the city.


It doesn't look like STAR is going to give up this valuable city of more than 175 thousand people despite the fightings still happening inside the city.
As the tension between both organization keeps on rising, all the borders were closed, flights canceled, and the commerce between them has stopped almost completely.
Commentators around the world express their growing concern for this global conflict saying it could very fast deteriorate into full scale fighting.
Some predict that with no other forces to balance the two PMCs, global war over world domination is inevitable.


Military experts assess that due to the attack in France earlier this week, and the control of important industrial countries in Europe and Asia, such as Germany, China and important parts of former Russia, Gladius is currently able to produce more arms than STAR, "Gladius has the initiative, they should strike fast before STAR matches their production power" said the experts.


Campaign map before the conflicts


by GCW reporter NecroMancer

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Week 6 - Revolution

Week 6 - Revolution | Global Conflict weekly |

Firefight between Star and Gladius troops at Port Montreal


-Gladius takes Yukon-
Gladius forces crushed the Star forces remaining on the Yukon - US border. the forces, including the 74th Elite tank division and the 52nd Elite Mechanized infantry division surrendered or destroyed.
Star army in Alaska has reinforced its defenses, thickening the lines and setting up overlapping defense lines all the way to the capitol. Sources tell us Generalissimus Starfisher has moved to Alaska in order to boost the moral of the defending forces and oversee the counter attack himself. Star spokesman confirmed the Generalissimus arrived in Alaska but denied its cause to be the sudden capture of Yukon: "The Generalissimus arrival to Alaska has been scheduled before the last developments, he arrived for the demonstration of the new Anti Air system developed by Star military technology research that was recently deployed in Alaska, and is planned to be integrated in Stars current AA systems around the globe".


-Gladius is one territory away from securing South Africa!-
After a heavy air bombing and artillery fire, softening Star defense line, Gladius forces, including several Crack divisions moved in Peru. From the speed the forces moved in the territory it looks like they had little resistance from Star troops, this can be explained by the fact Star forces were under constant bombardment for the last several days, and Star HQ did not send Replacements via air or sea for support. Peru commanding Marshall was killed, and most forces destroyed. Several battalions, mostly from the Paraguay area, retreated to Argentina.
Update: after having a week's pass for capturing Peru, the Galdius soldiers are back to their units and have ordered to move south.


-The Turnabout - 1st of December - Star wins on all fronts!-
This is probably going to be known as the 1st of December Revolution or "the beginning of the end" - Star simultaneously attacks Great Britain, Quebec, Australia and Kazakhstan, pushing Gladius back on all major fronts.


The forces blocking the Suez Canal, under the command of a young and yet unheard of Captain Chemical were able to hold despite being surrounded, until Star forces from Alexandrina managed to reestablish contact and resupply his divisions.
But Blocking the land rout does not stop Gladius from sending reinforcements across the red sea.


As more and more troops arrive from africa to Egypt, Star gains more territory back, Cairo has been cleared of enemies, Asyut and Luxor still contain roughly a 70,000 troops, but main forces surrounded the city and is focused on driving Gladius back into the sea, while other forces clear out the remaining enemies intrenched in the cities, which could take several weeks.
However, the great numbers ordered to move north left the southern territories almost out of army troops, allowing rebels to rampage freely (see rebel acts sum at the bottom)
In order to help ease the pressure on Egypt, HQ decided to open a second front at the Philippines.
As Star pushed in, the commanders realized a lot of the tanks, artillery and other armor where just dummies, placed to fool Star troops to think the border is heavily defended. Realizing just how much war effort Gladius puts into Egypt, General Fields on the Asian front decided to push into Kazakhstan, the thin spread troops can't hold the entire border, and the General is storming though the enemy defense lines.


Two other carefully planned attacks also started on the 1st of December - General Cheesy on the European Front has Crossed La Manche, the English Channel, and attacked Great Britain, forcing Gladius ships to leave port without Ammunition or be destroyed. with the British fleet out of the way, Star made an amphibious attack on Quebec, opening a front close to Gladius HQ, just as Gladius struggling to do at Egypt.
at dawn, hundreds of Star battleships entered port Montreal, bombing Gladius HQ and other government buildings, leaving the defending troops without a chain of command to coordinate the defense effectively as thousands of Star troops storm the city and suburbs . As Gladius troops on Quebec are struggling to stop the massive outbreak from Montreal to other cities, The reserve division on Tornto had set a defensive line outside of the city, their objective: holding Star until the forces from Mexico, Midwest and Ontrio arrive.


Until the 1st of December, it looked like in a few months Gladius will crush Star Coffee Initiative, having a net of almost almost 60% worth of WCP and growing steadily. But the 1/12 had changed things up side down. in just a week Star overthrew Gladius and took the lead.If Gladius doesn't react fast and take back control, it might be the day marking the beginning of the end for Gladius in future history books.


-Star division desert/defect to Gladius!-
sources from Saudi Arabia claim they came in contact with Star 56th lost division. they say the Gladius Agents were in contact with the Commander of the 23rd division for several months, negotiating a deal for him and his men if they join Gladius for a higher status and better salary his troops.
The commander agreed to the terms, letting the enemy set up a beach head on the area the 56th were supposed to defend.

As troops are hired for money, their only allegiance is to the one with the deepest pocket.
Star HQ came to the conclusion that in order for it not to happen again, they have to give their troops suitable principles, educating them with the righteous of Star and the wrongdoing of Gladius. from now on every new Star recruit will have propaganda lessons in boot camp of how immoral Gladius are in order to stop any future objective communications with enemy forces.
two of Star propaganda videos:


Finish Army Blew up several supply tracks at the E63 route near Posio. The rebel spokesman also claims the Finish Republican Army had destroyed 2 Gladius tanks in the past week, these reports were denied by Gladius.
They also claim to be in possession of several tanks and attack helicopters. We have reports saying the Finish rebels do indeed have two Gladius tanks, but the claims about the helicopters seems to be untrue. Made up to draw more people to join the rebels.
Gladius accuses Star in financing the Finland Rebels and providing them with training and Intel, and has ordered more forces to the area, including attack helicopters and heavy artillery in order to crush the rebellion once and for all.


Finland however wont be the only country to deteriorate into civil war. Army forces leaving South Africa (star) to the north and Texas (Gladius) to the east allowed local rebels to go unchecked.
In South Africa, Militia forces entered villages shooting everyone and kidnapping kids, causing a lot of people to stop coming to work, and thus dropping Star production to 73%. This will not show at the front line right now, as items previously manufactured are already in route, but even this one week 27% drop will have an impact on the front line in several weeks. Star HQ knows they have to crush those rampages or they might loose the war because of it.


In Texas the situation is even worse. the government has dispatched its SWAT, Anti Terror and army units to destroy the rebels, but because of previous government rules that allowed citizens to freely buy weapons and munitions the rebels do not find themselves in a shortage of any kind, in fact, the rebels are better equipped then the Gladius forces. Unlike other places, the Texas rebels are paramilitary, using high power assault rifles, bullet proof vests, helmets, disciplined in most cases, and also have a chain of command. the commanders of the rebels are ex-soldiers that served in the military, marine corps or the navy, and so far the rebels prove more then equal to Gladius forces.


by GCW reporter NecroMancer

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Report from the Frontline

Last Entry in personal dairy found At Astana ruins:


"As my uncle used to say: Sometimes I'm under the waves, sometimes Above, but I love the sea.
This last week I've been mostly under. Under the table, under stress from my brother to join him at the recruit center and pledge to serve and protect our people, and land. Under the watching
eye of our father- who fought at the ranks of another army not long ago, and kicked out my brother from the house telling him to keep that rifle and uniform away from us. Yelling at my brother's back that climbed that star truck without waving goodbye. Then he turned to me and said: only the dead have seen the end of war!
Seems like only yesterday I came back from one, you kids should learn from my mistakes, not copy them.
If you follow him, dont bother coming back, you wont come back as the sons I raised and loved anyways.
My brother looked up to be under the cover of a big company where he can climb up the ladder
and make a name for himself. I guess thats why he picked that Star army. Their recruitment officers always re-filled the cups, served more food to the stream of people looking for such welth and forturne.
My dad turned up the volume everytime the TV commercial for the other army came on, maybe thats why he warned me and tried to shield me from the future.
Later that day, trying to find some quiet time to think at my girlfriend's room, I was the one to
walk away without saying goodbye. As she said my father is right, and I should come with her
to the protest against the fighting. Fighting Im sure she dont understand, nither do I, or my brother.
My dad left us to fight thinking he understood, but came back different. What about me and my brother?


From her place I marched to enlist and find my brother, she couldn't see that times like these
require us to stay united, I cannot afford to lose my brother to the maddens that my dad posses since he came back. As I reached out to open the door, the last soldier almost hit me on his way outside.
I shouted to the jeeps, trying to get in, but the officer kept saying: its too late! go home to your family and pray, the fight will get to you sooner than you expected.
I tried begging but when that last soldier finished setting the explosive charge, they all mounted up and rolled away in the second cloud of dust that raised even more doubts. Astana was empty from troops for short time.
The next day Star came back. even greater in numbers. I tried to find someone to enlist me, even without the paperwork.
But all of them had this look upon their faces, that said the end my father talked about was near.


That night all of Astana kept eyes and ears open, as star forces began to enter our homes and the tanks took positions. Machinegun nests in every bulding lobby.
I wanted to go out and look for my brother, but even the soldiers stayed inside during the next day.
The only soliders outside were the one in active tanks, and the ones that seen the end of war.
Our eyes tried again and again to focus at the foggy darkness that filled the air, coverd the sun.
but the bombs kept on lighting up the dark. The basements were full of the wounded. At the third day something changed.
Tanks rounds kept coming, but the sound of the tanks cannons seemed to come from skirt of Astana.
As the sun came up, the view from my kitchen window was harsh.
Star active tanks rolled under the cover of dark to the city center, leaving behind only
a pile of burning metals, the tomb for fallen Comrades. Some bodies mashed up by the retreating tanks.
Black rain came down from the windows that day, hand grenade rain.
The soldier in charge of the squad fighting from my home told me to keep my mom silent,
She yelled at them to leave the oil bottle but they used it as Molotov cocktail when the grenades ran out.
Seconds after, the first building in my street was blown down to the ground, my dad ran out the house screaming.
I never saw him again.


The soldier with the radio on his back told the commander: the ambush worked, sir. enemy scout troops fold back.
Enemy tanks took out C platoon position. Cant get any response from them.
The commander lifted his head out the window: their bloody position is under the buliding they were in.
Get us new orders and stop telling me what I already know.
Moments after all hell broke lose, enemy troops stormed again, with cover of their own tanks!
Star big guns came down on my beloved city. The frontline was no-longer outside of the city, nore inside the city.
It was just those who were still standing, and had the luck to be in a buliding that still stood up!
My lungs pushed me to the floor as the gunpowder smoke got thicker and thicker.
The soldiers left us, they all ran outside our home, to the roof.
terrible last shouts came from the basement, then the sound of rolling grenades, and then nothing.
My mom lifted her head from under the table, and we came down. civilians with soldiers, no rifles.
Hands up. Heads down. The enemy commander sliced an apple with his dagger, used it to pick up the slice to his mouth and then pointed it to the buliding. In response the tank behind him aimed the turret high and the troops gathered on the roof came down, in parts.
We all began marching on the main road, enemy forces going pass us, looking ready to finish those who were still ready to deliver the payback at the city center.
My mom sat down, only now I saw the bleeding from her legs, tried to help her to some enemy troops that were sorting out the surrendered soldiers from the people of the city. They all bunched up around my mom, started lifting her in order to carry her up to the red cross tent, I smiled for the first time that week. my smile disappeard as soon I her the Camera flash and clicks.
News reporter took pictures near the tent. Those soldiers were just trying to look good for those
like me, still trying to figure out which side to choose. Heard my name, turned back, it was my brother.
Smiled for the last time that day, as my brother ran out from the line of soldiers, pushing me back, got them by suprise.
Group of enemy troops all bunched up trying to help my mom.
I want to belive he didnt saw her. just aimed for a group- the best target.
I want to belive he kept that last grenade not for him or them. just being himself and rushed to surrender without checking his pocket, like he rushed to war forggeting all of us behind, when he really did it for us.


Now its all over, the Gladius army took Astana. but now all the Star personal; dead, alive or wounded are being dealt with suspect.
Again I want to think that my brother didnt ment for this to happen like that, since now I'm lying waiting half an hour for the victors to declare the area safe for chopper to evac me to a real hospital. One with walls and doctors that can take care of shrapnels. Internal bleeding, falling bulidings, not a normal week here. not at all. I made up my mind.
If and when I'll be in the air, and still breathing. Im going to throw this diary down. going to leave past in the ashes of what used to be home and start over: get better, pick up a rifle, take a stand.
both of the sides failed me down. seems like my brother- Im going to be a rebel! and join the guerrilla fighters."



Again this was thelast Entry in personal dairy found At Astana ruins, reported from the field, by GCW reporter Digz assigned to Red Cross medical unit.

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Week 3 - Conflict Turns into Full scale War, and Gladius offers a prize for STARs Generalissimus head!

Week 3 - Conflict Turns into Full scale War, and Gladius offers a prize for STARs Generalissimus head! | Global Conflict weekly |

Two Gladius officers preparing an assault on Australia somewhere in Tasmania



-Conflict turns into full scale war-


The low intensity conflict restricted to only several locations was meant to pressure STAR PMC into surrender or at least a cease-fire under Gladius terms, but it turned the other way around, as every territory Gladius took from STAR only enraged further Generalissimus Starfisher, until he declared: "I will die before speaking to those cowards!". General Cheesy commented and said: "There is not enough room for both PMCs."


The result in the field was that every side tried to flank the enemy, drawing the line of engagement further. Now the entire borderline is a war zone, and both sides are digging trenches and fortifications from both sides of the formed "no mans land".

Generalissimus Starfisher was also displeased with his Generals, loosing ground and showing poor results during attacks and especially the surrender of the General of Kazakhstan to the enemy.


The Generalissimus issued command "Brick Wall" - stating any General loosing ground will be executed.
Looks like the command had a positive impact on the STAR army, as it was able to block most Gladius pushes this week.



-Turkey Overrun-


Gladius Army Group Central attacked Turkey on Monday. As the attack started, the commanders of the 2nd STAR division met in the operation room for briefing. 10 minutes later, a bomb, set by a STAR officer working for Gladius, exploded destroying the building and killing all the commanders of the 2nd division, in charge of defending the south side. With STAR troops left with no commanders and communications, Gladius pushed in. STAR's 1st. division on the center and east was using an elaborate trench system, but Gladius deployed paratroopers and rendered the STAR trenches almost completely useless, once again moving from the east and west in a pincer movement and taking the capitol by Friday.
The STAR General was able to escape Gladius clutches by crossing the Mediterranean Sea back to STAR territory, although his future looks grim due to Generalissimus Starfisher "Brick Wall" command.



-Gladius attempted another push towards Australia-

Gladius attempted another push towards Australia, where the sides haven't been "intrenched" yet. Gladius mobilized 3 Tank Divisions from Asia in preparation for the attack.
Command "Brick Wall" got the Generals of Eastern and Southern Australia to work together, as the Eastern General realized he will not be able to defend his territory if the south falls. The east - west Tank divisions set up a defensive line near the City of Broome.
In addition, STAR HQ has ordered tanks shipped from Africa to Australia, but the shipment is still en route. Gladius hoped to capture Australia before enemy reinforcements arrival, and pushed inland on Monday with cover from one airforce squadron. A Tank battle took place just outside the city of Broome, where 3 Gladius tank divisions faced 2 STAR tank divisions. After 3 hours of fighting Gladius was pushing STAR tanks backwards. However STAR had a surprise waiting - although STARs Tank shipment didn't arrive yet, STARs new F-15 and F-16 fighter jets did arrive just in time. The new STAR Australian Airforce has proven superior to Gladius's Eastern Airfoce, using MiGs. With no effective Anti Air to cover their tanks, Gladius retreated suffering heavy looses to enemy jets.



-Gladius troops massacred in France-


The commander of Gladius's Army Group Europe, Field Marshal Gwynzer, with his army staying near the STAR occupied city Saarbrucken, has ordered 4 divisions from his army to push into France. The attack has proven to be a disastrous decision. STAR artillery destroyed anyone setting foot in the no mans land. Not even one soldier made it across.



-STAR General wanted!-


With such heavy loses, Gladius High Command announced an indescribable reward for anyone assassinating the enemy Generalissimus Starfisher*



-STAR out of money-

Although STAR army showed good performance this week, the Organization is running low on money.
StarFisher coffee initiative entered the war with much more funds and world wide economic net, but the closed borders with Gladius market and Gladius banning coffee had a huge impact on the organization economics. Loosing the important industrial countries like China, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America to Gladius and the need to supply unending amount of new tanks, jeeps, rifles, rockets, shells, bullets and pay salary to the troops dwindled STAR's money reserves, with no budget left for the contraction of new industrial complexes in Africa and the South Atlantic wall project. To help with the economic crisis STAR Generalissimus signed a new "war tax". this new war tax should be enough to cover the expenses for rebuilding the lost factories.



-Guerrilla attacks continue worldwide-


Guerrilla forces worldwide seem to have strengthen even further as officers from the former national guard join the rebels. Attacks becoming more frequent, more daring and more complex.
Rebels seized Gladius army base in Serbia, militia forces openly move into Thailand. Cars and bombs exploded in several major cities in North America including New York, Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston and more. On Saturday guerrilla forces seized control over Zhasky, a small village near OMSK. In Britain an organized attack on several army facilities took place. Three high ranking officers were killed.
STAR is also effected by rebels and freedom fighters. Explosions were heard in several cities in Australia, killing more than 180 people. a high ranking officer was killed in Congo when his car exploded and an RPG hit the STAR government building in Argentina. Three officials were killed which makes it an even bigger problem if Gladius captures Argentina.


The attack forces the PMCs to draw ever growing numbers from the front lines to deal with the situations at home.
Gladius blames the country's authorities and security services for the inability to cope with the rebels inside their territories.
Looks like Gladius Grand Marshall will sign a law today, allowing authorities to search buildings and homes without a warrant.


Updated map:


by GCW reporter NecroMancer

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Week 1 - Operation Shining Dirk

Week 1 - Operation Shining Dirk | Global Conflict weekly |

Gladius seized the opportunity to strike the weaker STAR and executed "Operation Shining Dirk", looks like the full enlistment order that was issued last week was not to reinforce the attack on Saarbrucken, that was just a deception, the real plan was simultaneous attacking the west coast, the arctic circle and Kazakhstan. The pincer movement to flank the enemy appears to be Gladius favorite tactic. The 2 divisions stationed in the arctic circle were taken down by surprise as STAR HQ comms were lost last week.


In the west coast STAR troops dug in and held a 48 hours artillery barrage, and stopped cold the Gladius paratroopers division coming from the south. As additional division joined the attack from the east, first signs of concern were seen in the field as STAR artillery was fully diverted to that direction. And right then a full tank division stormed down from the east, catching all STAR troops engaging the midwest off guard. As the east line crumbled, the south line was pinned down from all directions and the fight ended quickly. Heroic mention of the STAR troops fighting to their last breath.


Kazakhstan was also attacked from all directions using a pincer movement, although the forces saw it coming and asked for reinforcements which failed to arrive from Turkey. STAR forces where outnumbered on all three fronts and retreat order was issued by the fieldmarshal. Only one division made it to Astana which was surrounded after a day. The division held the city heroically for 72 hours, until it became clear STAR reinforcement won't be able to reach the city in time to save the besieged division, with 80% of the city buildings damaged. Yesterday the STAR Kazakhstan fieldmarshal surrendered with his remaining forces letting Gladius mark Operation Shining Dirk as outstanding success of conquering three territories, completing the first stage and crippling the opposing organization further.


STAR organization released a public announcement cutting off all (remaining) connections with Gladius and declaring full scale war against the hostile organization.
Gladius released a similar announcement 3 hours later.

Both organizations gone into enlistment frenzy in order to supply fresh meat to the war's cannon fodder. With attractive advertisement, STAR offers high bonuses to soldiers actively engage in battles. From our calculation, a soldier enlisting under the new contract can retire as a multi millionaire after serving three years and participating in just five battles.

As opposed to STAR static active engagement bonus, Gladius offers a contract with dynamic bonuses to attract candidates, based on the pre-battle assessment for success. Meaning worse surviving odds equals higher bonuses.


With the world deteriorating to world war, human rights movements say too many people were murdered for selfish interests of few individuals and money, and are promising worldwide protests on Friday.


Guerrilla attacks also became more frequent: guerrilla forces blew up the Trans-Siberian Railway trains near Moscow on Thursday. A booby-trapped car blew up in Paris on Saturday, just three kilometers from the regional PMC headquarters killing 24 people, including 5 soldiers and an officer.
Looks like neither PMCs are able to effectively battle the guerrilla forces on their territories despite offering large awards for capturing the guerrilla leaders.


Updated map:


by GCW reporter NecroMancer


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