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Most #startups don't wake up thinking about #contentmarketing. Most startup entrepreneurs are builders. They want to build. Sometimes it is better to let others build FOR YOU.

Better because our new Google marketing world is based on three things:

* What You Say & Do. 
* What others Think about what you said and did.
* Being LOVED by an increasing number of "brand advocates".

Some startups may get all of those things from an APP store, but why risk putting all eggs in a single basket when content marketing isn't hard nor does it need to take much time.

Contests are a favorite of mine. When STUCK and there's no time to cold call or no money to support "outbound sales" create content to bring who you need into your orbit. Contests are great for that. Give away something of value, such as a "better website", and review your entries. 

If a contest feels too random you may be right, so don't put all eggs in that basket either. Continue to work your personal network to find great partners and be sure to update your contest. Closer something gets to FULL the more people want it (lol).  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith