Alaska's 'Age of Glaciers' will end this century | Glacial Landscapes |
Much of the world's ice may soon disappear for good, triggering a global climate regime that humans have never experienced as a species.


The long-running era of glaciers — meaning the Pleistocene ice age that has periodically covered North America and Alaska with vast sheets during the past 2.5 million years — may be ebbing to its final close, according to a new analysis out of Poland.

The inexorable rise in greenhouse gases, and the warming that will come before the end of the century as a result, will likely suspend the “glaciation/interglaciation cycles” that have controlled the planet’s climate for millennia, writes scientist Wojciech Budzianowski of Wrocław University of Technology in the International Journal of Global Warming.

“A new analysis of climate change data and the effects of rising levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxides suggests that we are at the end of the period in Earth's history during which icy glaciers form,” according to this story.

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