Social Media Pearls | Give StartUps A Chance #GiveStartUpsAChance

Give StartUps A Chance Objectives


To better understand the entrepreneur and startup landscape

To share learnings and how-tos

To ignite conversations with startup leaders in their field


Give StartUps A Chance Target Audience include:



Global entrepreneurs

Local entrepreneurs




Business leaders

Those thinking about entrepreneurship and startup


The Four Segments of Give StartUps A Chance


1. The Entrepreneur Landscape

This segment will paint a picture of the local and global startup landscape and what it takes to succeed.


2. Taking Root. Resources Building Relationships [R3]

This segments will ask the questions of financing, making the right contacts to build relationships. It will share insights on how to progress along the startup lifecycle and it will also identify resources and agencies to give startups a chance.


3. Profiling Incubators & Accelerators

This segment will shine a light on those startups and entrepreneurs in the incubator and accelerator stage. The segment will share learnings, challenges and opportunities.


4. Leading The Way

This segment will share success stories and shine a light on leaders in the field.

Canadian Startups Limit Their Own Potential by Dreaming Small. Let's Change That, Shall We? - Tec...

This is not the first time I have heard this. In fact I have been engaged a multiple conversations about this very topic. This post succinctly shines a light on why Canadian Tech startups are lagging behind. Canadian's are not hungry enough and hence don't dream big enough. I loved the passion behind this piece.

4 Creative Women-Run Startups That Are Getting Stuff Done

In a male-dominated tech environment, it is good to see women make their mark. The start-ups listed include:

1. Soceana

2. Tock

3. RaskRabbit

4. YouNoodle.



The Best Cities in the World for Digital Nomads

We need more lists like this one. It is certainly a priority for me when I travel. Having traveled through Europe, I really understand the value of connectivity while exploring and working.


What is interesting about this list is that : "Low-cost Asian and Eastern European locales are currently dominating".



15 Free Online Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Should Visit

A great list for freelancers, entrepreneurs or small communities and businesses. The author provides resources for language, seo , courseware and more. 

Getting Your Kickstarter Campaign Funded in One Week
Good reminders when thinking of crowdfunding. This post reminds us that we are selling ourselves as well as the product.
GENERATION C | An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas
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The U.S. is home to six of the top 10 startup ecosystems in the world, but some surprising cities are upping their game with notable strides in funding,...
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Coming up with the perfect company name is frustrating at best. Instead of stressing, follow these five simple steps to reach name nirvana.
Fail Fast: How 5 Startups Got a Second Chance
Here's a look at some of the predecessors to today's hottest startups, several of which are now valued in the billions of dollars.