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Valentine's Day - Personalized Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine's Day - Personalized Gift Ideas for Her | Gitanjali Awards |

Christmas is over and New year is also gone, it’s time for the most awaited day - The Valentine Day!


The day of romance, the day of love is just around the corner. Plan something that could surprise your sweetheart and show your love. Gift her a beautiful heart with quotes engraving or a picture frame with a message. Although many folks seek out for decorating items, sentimental sassy cards, chocolate boxes, bouquet of flower or a loving teddy on this day, such items sounds traditional. Go beyond that point! Wow her with customized presents that are unique as she is. Give her personalized romantic gifts as a sweet gesture of your affection and love.


Personalized Romantic Gift Ideas


On the very V-Day, everything needs to be special and unique. Woman always admires things that smell individuality. Here are some beautiful gift ideas:


Personalized postcard keepsake: Personalized keepsake gifts are elegant reminders of the days spent in togetherness. They are perfect for valentine’s day and many other memorable occasions. Personalize them with loving quotes to let her feel - how special she is for you.


Soul mates acrylic heart: A heart-shaped show-piece made from acrylic are the best gifting options. It looks brilliant, beautiful and perfect for display. You can engrave poems or messages on the back, to create an impressive and unique backdrop for your personalized gift.


Frames and canvas with quotation: A colourful acrylic frame with couple photographs, is really an awesome idea to express your love and warm her heart. Put loving message to convey your feelings to her.


Pocket pals: Cute and cuddly valentine day friends with chocolates and greetings are an adorable choice for this special day. Each card with messages like - what she means to you? how much you love her? your promises? or ways to propose her could create a room in her heart. She will definitely give a hug and feel special.


Pillowcases: Personalized pillowcases are in trend today. Customize it with love quotes on names to give a more personal feel. Available in fun color choices, these personalized pillowcases are the gift both of you can enjoy every night.


Love sentiment bracelet: Jewelry and Women are lethal. The shimmer of a charming bracelet on colorful beads allures a girl the most. A joyful message describing the path to true happiness would be more enticing.


Engraved jewelry box: Her favorite bracelet, diamond necklace - give her a place to keep those. Present her a jewelry box with engravings such as her name or sayings -


Love wall clock: A large wall clock with “I Love You”! This is a wonderful way to say that you will never forget the memorable times spent together.


Well, there are tons of ideas to impress your girlfriend, fiance or wife. But, you need to be thoughtful enough. Be more creative, spend less and you will find everything you need to delight her and show her how much you love!

Krishna Tata's insight:

Valentine’s Day is almost closer! And if you are looking for the perfect gift, contact GitanjaliAwards. The company specializes in acrylic designs and keepsakes, with personalized laser engraving option. You can choose from a catalogue or order your own design. Visit website for more information

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Personalized Gift for Your Favorite Teacher

Personalized Gift for Your Favorite Teacher | Gitanjali Awards |

A gift of appreciation can be expressed through many ways. Personalized gifts for teachers is a great idea to thank the person for giving you the knowledge and wisdom. This is also a way of showing care and support towards the teacher. There are a number of affordable and elegant options that can be used to make a present to the teachers. But, it's a fact that the gift should be memorable, good looking and trendy.


Showing thoughtfulness is an important thing while buying a gift for teacher. One can buy some of the simple things, including wall clocks, alarms, photo holder, etc. But, the gift needs to be meaningful and inspired. It can also be offered on the basis of age, gender and passion. Custom made mementos and plaques can also be a great gift idea.


Mementos made from acrylic are now more popular and vastly used for gifting. Let's have a look at the possible gift ideas.


Personalized Mementos and Plaques:

Mementos and plaques are regarded as a symbol of honor and prestige. They can be designed using various metals and materials. It can be of wood, precious metals, etc. But, acrylic models are quite popular due to easy & online availability, affordable price, fast shipping and more. The inspirational quotes can be engraved on the plaques and mementos. Apart from the quotes, thank-you note and images can also be added on to this product. Due to its availability in various heights, designs, and possible personalization, they are now the popular gift item.



* Durable and high quality material

* Affordable price

* Available online with shipping within one week

* Modern designs and available personalize options.


Apart from this product, one can offer a number of gifts. It can be personalized notepads, personalized products like mugs, pen, custom designed and printed calendars, year planners for desk, gift cards, scrapbooks, etc. Classroom theme based decorations are also a great idea.


In addition to these products, a wellness basket can also be given as a token of care for your teacher.


Know Your Teachers Choice:

Before offering any gift to your teacher, the basic thing is to collect ideas regarding the likes and dislikes of the person. It helps in buying the gifts accordingly.


All your efforts will be fruitful when teacher appreciates the gifts and enjoys the appreciation that they deserve. If an existing gift doesn't seem to suit the teacher, the better alternative is acrylic plaques and mementos.

Krishna Tata's insight:

For more acrylic made gift products and their specifications explore


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Celebration of Lakshmi Puja in Indian Culture

Celebration of Lakshmi Puja in Indian Culture | Gitanjali Awards |

Lakshmi puja or Gajalakshmi puja or Kojagari Puja or Kumar Purnima is celebrated throughout the Indian Nation with much enthusiasm and excitement every year. People in West Bengal, Orissa and Assam worship Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, peace & prosperity in the Ashvin month (September - October) of Hindu Lunar Calendar after Dussehra ends. This puja is an autumn festival to observe pious brata in the holy month of kartik. It is believed that manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi is done to grant her blessings on her devotees after a grand festival of Durga Puja.


“Maha Lakshmi Namostute Divya Kamala Lochane, Sankha Chakra Gada Haste, Maha Lakshmi Namostute” - this verse from Lakshmi Purana itself speaks a lot about the importance of goddess Lakshmi in Indian mythology. It says salutations to thee mother Kamala, who has golden hands to pour out riches to the community and bestow more power, pleasure and prosperity those who deserve her grace. Different communities celebrate on different tithis or dates and in different forms. The theme of worshipping is similar, however the name differs from state to state.


In Orissa state of India, which is also known as a land of temples, this famous festival is known as Gajalakshmi Puja. Gajalakshmi Puja is also a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. She is presented as the Goddess of Elephants symbolizing power, strength, grace and fertility. Special attraction is the festival celebrated in the Dhenkanal district. It starts from the day of kumar purnima and continues for eleven days. Major attraction is the puja pandals on both sides of college road to Korian Chowk (about 7 Km). There are many clubs and Puja committees who organizes cultural programmes and fairs and decorate the entire town like a bride.


In the state of Bihar and Bengal, Lakshmi Puja is more commonly known as Kojagori Lokhi Puja. The word Kojagori has a significant meaning as it stands for who is awake? Or Ke Jege Ache in Bengali. After the end of Durga Puja, Bengalis believe that goddess of prosperity, light and wealth visits every house on this full moon night and sheers blessings of good luck, wealth and fortune. The bengal Lakshmi puja has some special highlights. People keep fast or vrat for whole day, stay awake all night to please Goddess Mahalaxmi, draw Alpana ( a special type of Rangoli) in the form of Lakshmi devi footprints coming into the house, believing it won't leave forever and offering fruits, rice, grains, gold, clothes. Some families has tradition to offer Hilsa or Rohu fish, as fish are believed sacred and symbol of good fortune in Bengali.


In north India, people honour the goddess of wealth on Diwali. A majority of South Indians. we have the Varalakshmi Puja. Lakshmi puja is an integral part of Indian culture. People visit their friends and relatives and presents some special gifts. Some offers clothes, sweets like rasgulla, sandesh, misti doe, handcrafted products such as Dhokra artefact, and many more decorative art pieces. Celebrating Lakshmi Puja at home brings happiness, bliss, intelligence and beauty along with morality, good health and long life.


Krishna Tata's insight:


If you are looking for a beautiful art piece for your close friends and family members, GitanjaliAwards won’t make you despair. The company stocks beautifully handcrafted Dhokra decorative statues, wall hangers to please everyone.

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