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This is a fascinating piece by Gunther Sonenfeld, a global strategist, technologist, Gunther Sonnenfeld is a global strategist, technologist, media theorist and corporate adviser based in Los theorist and corporate adviser based in Los Angeles.


Here's a brief intro:


"In his last three columns, Gunther Sonnenfeld explored how brands are “co-creating” meaningful experiences with people. This time he explains the connection between branded experiences and brand advocacy."


Now, brands are using their media dollars to create content and build media ecosystems of their own. And they’re working with customers to do it.


Here's what caught my attention:


Citizen storytelling and branded journalism


These are just two examples that signal a change in how the consumer landscape is driving new market opportunities for brands based on profound shifts in online publishing and digital media.


And while online publishers such as AOL (which now owns The Huffington Post), and Yahoo! position their business models around the development and syndication of original content, there is a huge opportunity for brands to be part of this equation, along with their customers.


Google, through YouTube, has allowed independent content producers of all types to build their own “micro networks” with original content, and actively engaged audiences.These citizen-created networks have produced everything from new types of music to new types of exercise.


Where brands have entered the picture here is even more interesting.





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