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Can we minimize downsides and maximize benefits of transnational land investments?


March 17, 2014 — “When [the trucks] came through they could not get access to their objective. They really had to push their way through here. The people did not actually accept this idea of palm oil, and these things. The people said ‘No, we will not allow the road.’”


That’s how Micheal Kyibah, clan leader of Bugain Baglos in Papua New Guinea, described the scene in the nonprofit Oakland Institute’s film “On Our Land” after a logging company tried to build a road and clear land for new palm oil plantations in his area. Local people were not consulted, he said, and objected to the development. After the plans went through anyway, residents lined the route of the new road to try to have their voices heard. “People in higher places force the villagers to go through this,” Kyibah said.

Via Fernando Gil