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A few years back, presenting an infographic résumé was something completely unthinkable, even if you were applying to a job where creativity and graphic skills were important. It simply didn’t happen. Then, with the rise of the online portfolios and social networks, it became more common to present professional background and skills with a more visual appeal.

Today, infographics seem to be everywhere and web services will transform your social media activity and LinkedIn profile into visual displays, making it possible for those without the necessary graphic abilities to have their own illustrated curriculum.

Though popular, the resume as infographic trend is fairly new to employers, so the best option for most professionals is to look at them as a supplement to the traditional format. If you decide to create your own, look around for examples- they range from the complex to those with a more minimalistic approach. Both types can be effective, if the objective is to stand out from the crowd...

Visit the link for a gallery of varied and creative infographic resumes for creative and graphic design inspiration.

Via Lauren Moss