Uncle Drew visits with a basketball legend who sends him on a mission to go out and get his old team back together. His first stop ---- Los Angeles, CA. Play..


Man I am so impressed with this ad campaign.  When we started the GetAtMe show I really felt like the quality of the commercial entertainment was key.  With the online attention span being so short I really felt that the ads had to be just as impactive as the entertainment.  This ad far exceeds even what I was able to see.  When people put ad awards together (the Addies for Ie.), this is the talent level that anyone should strive to be if they desire those awards.  This ad slams dunk all the pivot points for Pepsi Max.  The older demo becomes intrigued, the younger demo is entertained and even the female demos who view this will not see this as anything but humorous entertainment.  I am so impressed.  I hope you will be also.  I really look forward to seeing more of Uncle Drew.

This is ReggieRedd #GetAtMe