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Man, ForRealForReal, I wasn't to keen on jumping on this article.  Al Sharpton can be a polarizing individual (what politician ain't?  Last time I check that was supposed to be their job).  Al Sharpton is an activist and being an activist can sometimes create powerful enemies for a man.  I've never met a rich and powerful person who said "You know I might be exploiting this situation and I think I need to change my strategy".  They just don't do that.  Sometimes what starts off as a pissing battle turns into a full blown conspiracy and sometime people get hurt.  Sometime politicians and activist have to mix and mingle with all sorts in their community to get things done.  Grown folks already know this.

So why TMZ and TheSmokingGun chose now to release this article (yes we all have seen the shenanigans on SCANDAL) right now is real questionable.  For TMZ it's easy, clicks and views.  TMZ it seems has no boundries on a slow view week ( I guess they couldn't find the Gay interacial UFO sex party at the Illuminati Mansion this week. #sarcaism #SMH) so they chose this area of questionable reporting.  That's why I was slow to speak on this article.  TheSmokingGun on the other hand put a lot of work into his story.  What did they find out?  There are gangsters in New YorK City (no it can't be true.  Not real like gangsters).  TheSmokingGun does this.  They take something obvious and makes it sensational for view.  They love to show the worlds underbelly.  You get what you get from these guys.

What worries me although is are these guys now OnlineCharacterHitmen for some shadowy organization who are trying to shape public views before the coming election cycle (I apologize I just saw Captain America and Hydra has me all paranoid #EEK) I really hope that's not the case.  That any reporting outlet would knowingly put a public figure in harms way (#real harm.  The mafia still kills folks right?  Just checkin) is crazy to me.  ForReal,  I mean how would Harvey Levin(owner of TMZ) like it if some reporting outlet told white supremist where his family lived (please nobody do that stupid shit to Mr Levin's family.  I was making a point).  That's just irresponsible and wreckless and they were very wreckless with this report on Al Sharpton.

I have liked a  lot of Mr Sharptons thoughts and views.  During his bid for the presidency to me Al Sharpton was not only the best communicator but really had some very insightful ideas and strategies on the development of America for Americans.

I mean that's how I feel.  Period.  Why would anyone want to be a public figure knowing that at any moment some clown at a news organization can dry snitch and put their family in harms way..  You just don't do that.

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