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On this weeks GetAtMe show the topic was "Is Being Good Enough Or How Important Is Hype."  We had Diamond's new video "Loose Screws" (this is truly a clubbanger, Diamonds getting it in).  Kanisha was hanging out with Mike Roberts (Mike Roberts in the morning yeah) former V103 radio legend.  Loany G's "I Hate Stripping"  is a great spoken word performance (also she is a great photographer Google her #realTalk).  50 Cent gives us some real business insights on promoting women artist (man it really cost to break these females), 2 million in the project, wow.  Our special guest Deacon Uly performed "Ain't No Love" (This dude is a cross between R Kelly and Rick Ross and his music and video is hot.  #The real truth)  CoCo Kiss and the Durty Gurls performed their cut "Onion Booty"  (boy all them onions, wow),  Real Right wound up the show with "For The Haterz" (a real hot New York Feel, great song).  As usual we found some new and different product on GetAtMe.  The artist are new and fresh, the music is innnovative and the information is relevant.  So check out GetAtMe @ilikeitlive.com.