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DiaryOfAHitMan “You’re managers most important job is to find you a hit”

I’mma say this one time and I’m through with it.  All this other so called bullshit some managers be doing (so called networking, idol building or whatever), their one and only real priority is to find you, the artist a hit.(period point blank).

Many new artist and writers want a shot (no problem).  The problem becomes when someone invest their time and money. At the point that time and money are invested, then the situation becomes a business venture and the music business is definitely a music venture.

Managers are very important to this process.  Some managers like to flex money.  Other managers like to groom artist (I know right).  Some mangers are good guys that have a business head and they want to be involved in something that’s growing.  But I’m here to tell you right know, you’re job as  manager is to find your artist a hit.

This is the music business, not the artist business and this business is fueled by a hit song (Yankee Doodle, My Way, Whoop There It Is.. you get the picture).   This business takes catchy music and markets it to people who like catchy music.  Period.  The artist developes fans and friends but the buck stops unless you have a hit song.

Many artist somehow have developed the impression that if I can get someone to mess up enough money and they elevate me to a level of exposure that no one can miss me, then I will be a star (the internet has really contributed to this type of marketing foolishness).  I mean we have a show called LoveAndHipHop that the artist on LoveAndHipHop are selling nothing.  K Michelle is trying (and she’s talented) but no matter how many time we see her we’re still waiting for that smash song from her.

I love Rihanna’s people, why because they don’t bullshit around.  They don’t play favorites with writers (somebody’s cousin or the artists homeboy bullshit) they go find her hit.  Not just hits but SMASHES and they don’t miss.  You see that kind of consistency starts with the manager.  The manager first job is to make you a success (in spite of how you feel as an artist), because if you don’t succeed then money and time has been wasted.  No hit, no money.

It’s great to have chemistry as an artist.  It’s great to be the most talented musician around.  It’s great to have all the rhyme skills in the universe.  It’s great to have enough money to raise your exposure but until you find that hit song, you’re gonna come up short.

I’m ReggieRedd and this is TheDiaryOfAHitMan(IKnowWhereTheBodiesAreAt) and ILoveAHitSong.