Anonymous said...

Why? Losing a couple millions is like losing a couple one dollar bills to a billionaire. FOH with your overly entitled ugly ass Okra.

9:02 AM

Honey Bun said...

fuck this bitch! try living in the reality of the rest of the 99%ers 

10:08 AM

Anonymous said...

Nobody wins all the time. Just a fact of life. I can't understand how these celebs have so much money and will crash and burn if their names aren't constantly in the spotlight for being #1 all the time. Shoot, many folks wish they had those problems. When in the real world if you fail you lose everything that makes you maintain a BASIC living for you and your family. They are the people you'd expect to have a nervous break down but not these rich folks, who will do any and everything to keep up appearance, like make up exaggerated stories and lies to put out to the public. It's sad when you think about it.

1:45 PM

The hating is for real......LSMH #GetAtMe

I have never understood why so many hate these celebrities for their success and celebrate their falls.   Many out their have to live with the facts that came with their choices.  Fame is about timing, hard work and sacrifice and coming together.  I really believe some people beleive that these folkes believe that these folkes become famous overnight.  It really doesn't work that way.  #GetAtme