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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-AbellaAnderson- "I Luv This Shit" August Alsina ft Trinadad James

GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-AbellaAnderson- "I Luv This Shit" August Alsina ft Trinadad James | GetAtMe |

It's 2 o’clock and I'm faded
This kush feeling amazing
Got a voice mail on my phone
From a lil breezy feeling X-rated
She told a nigga she hurting
I'm in the car and I'm swerving
I walked into her bedroom
I put it down that's certain
Man I stay on that Ciroc
Man I stay taking shots
Man your girl be on my jock

[Bridge: August Alsina]
Maybe because I'm everything your not
See I ain't no bitch nigga no rich nigga
No snitch nigga Ima real nigga that's real nigga
I'm just trying to chill cause
I'm way too drunk to be talking like this
I'm way too high to be tripping like this
I'm way too young to be living like this
Ask me why I do it?
I’ma put it like this
God Damn i

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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe-NewCutOfTheDay-August Alsina "I Luv This Shit" (Boy this ones a banger....)

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August Alsina “I Luv This Shit” Ft Trinadad James

Woo this one is smooth.  This is one of the first time that a trap beat and a R&B groove works well (I love them horns in the back).  This one crept on everyone and radio fell in love with it.  Trinadad James found the right cut to get on.  This hook is working so hard #LOL.  This beat is almost like a Weekend or Drake beat given a trap feel and it works.  Here’s the stats

THE TRACK- 5($$$$$)  this track is so sultry and sexy, real talk…..

THE PERFOMANCE- 5($$$$$) this performance is perfect for this track.  This thing is like R Kelly and the Isley’s Brothers meets todays streets…

MUSCLE- 4($$$$) man come on, Trinadad delivered the streets for real…. This guys simplicstic pace is crazy..

JUICE- 4($$$$) radio is already all over this one (#4 on the BDS Charts with 3746 spins)…….

LYRICS- 4($$$$) the hook say it all and Trinadad’s bars (#WhatHe’sGonnaDo… #LOL) caps it…….

BUZZ- 4($$$$) man this crept so smoothly, this song was the creeper of the year.  It was a hit before anyone knew what it was….


TOTAL- 26pts out of 30 pts( Grade A)  The grade says it all.  This ones a smoker.

I’m ReggieRedd and this one’s a GetAtMeGoGetter(grade A)

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