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Okay Birdman back with another cut called “100 favors” (really this cats got a nice album, people are really slippin on this one).  What I like about this song is that It’s already Drake & Lil Wayne ready.  They easily can drop verses on this and it will do what it’s gonna do.  Here’s the stats:

THE TRACK- 4($$$$) this track is nice (its sounds like a Drake track).

THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) now yall know these 5 don’t come easy from me but I really like the performance on this one,

MUSCLE- 2($$) this one will creep in the streets but the female might bring this home

JUICE- 2($$) radio might love all of the Cash Money Machine but for some reason they trip with Birdman.  Come on radio, hear this one

TIMING- 2($$) the one great thing about this record is Kemdrick Lamar is on it but it’s gotta get momentum.

LYRICS- 3($$$) Kendrick raised this lyric score but Detail and Birdman rode this track well (“a hundred times I gave that b*tch the sunshines”)

THE SONG- 4($$$$) I like this song.  It’s a great day part song for radio and it can grow on you.  If we had single in the stores this song would make the register ring.

TOTAL- 22pts out of 35( B- grade)

This song is such a great riding song.  People would be jockin this song out the door if Drake or Wayne were on this song but Birdman makes this thing do what it’s gonna do.