Lil Kim “I Am Kimmey Blanco”

First off let me say for myself I’m glad Kim is back doing her thing but most of all I glad she’s not just doing some trendy stuff to try and be relevant.  This song is a real Lil Kim song that’s made for Lil Kim fans.  If you’re a real Lil Kim fan, you’ll like this song.

Lil Kim is and always has been a griot in the New York street culture.  She has been the CNN reporter of street culture from a HustleBunnies POV (Hustle bunnie is a chick that bounces from hustler to hustler.  They love the hustle and the lifestyle).

This new cut by Kim holds true to her brand.  Don’t be mistaken, what Kim does and what Nicki Minaj does are 2 different things.  Nicki is a twitter trender that’s almost like a rhyming commercial that strings clever clips of rhymes together that work. Kim although is more of a craftier story teller (more in the tradition of Kool G Rap) and her ability to do this is better than any female that has been in the game ( I’ll stand on that).  Only Mia X or Eve even comes close to this style of combining rhymes and street stories (Lola Monroe is also very good at crafting the street culture window.  She’s a comer).

That being said Lil Kim’s “I Am Kimmey Blanco” is right in line to what Kim should be doing, a female rap version of Ice Berg Slim.  That’s what Kim does and that’s what’s she’s good at doing.  This song stays in that tradition.  Here’s the MarketView

THE STREETS- 3($$$) the true streets are always gonna love Kim…

MIXTAPES- 3($$$) it’ll hit the tapes of the cats that love the real Lil Kim…..

THE CLUBS- 2($$) now this isn’t a club song but a remix with Jeezy get her in rotation.  #ReMixMadness……

RADIO- 2($$) radio might be slow on this but the real Kim fans will check it out……

BUZZ- 2($$) Kim has got to get her machine in motion…….

ITFACTOR- 3($$$) the ItFactor on this is that it’s Kim.  Lil Kim sold sex for so long now let’s see her sell Kim.  Lil Kim has real fans and all she has to do is make great music…..

TOTAL: 12pts out of 30pts(C- is the grade)  The reason Lil Kim’s cut get this score will be the songs uphill battle with clubs and radio.  I love this cut but it’s going to have to give radio a real reason to bump the current rotation players.  Remember radio is in the business of selling audience, not music so Kim has got to get the online community to get her in the game.  It’s that simple.  Sometimes artist think radio will give them legacy points, those points really only last about 3 weeks for real and then radio has to move on to the next radio audience magnet.

I’m ReggieRedd and this one is a GetAtMeIndaMixxx.  



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