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DEMO Stats: TF(12-!7)- 2($$), TM(12-17)- 1($), YF(18-24) 3($$$), YM(18-24)- 2($$)  Strong female song 

Total 8pts out of 20 (grade C)


Market stats: STREETS- 2($$), CLUBS- 3($$$), MIXTAPES- 2($$), RETAIL- 2($$), RADIO- 3($$$)

TOTAL: 12 pts out of 25 (grade C-)  Radio will lead the charge with this record but Dream might not have enough juice with the young people.



THE TRACK- 3($$$) basic drean track

THEPERFORMANCE- 4($$$$) the performance fille up the track

MUSCLE- 2($$) this is not a street cut

JUICE- 3($$$) radio will try to come through......

TIMING- 2($$) it is summertime.......

THE SONG- 3($$$) I like the song but will the young market?

TOTAL: 14 pts out of 30 (C)

This song is cool and it's definately a Dream song.  With it's plush production let's hope the idea didn't get lost behind the production.  This song will have to carry a strong female segment to win retail wise.