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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-BriaMyles-HellsKitchen- J.Cole & Bas

GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-BriaMyles-HellsKitchen- J.Cole & Bas | GetAtMe |

Yeah, back from the dead
Like Michael Jackson in red jackets, with naps in my head
Who's white or black, it's a rare package
Get smacked if you said that I'm neck and neck with these square rappers
My guest room's got plantinum plaques, and an air mattress
No time for furniture shopping, too busy burnin' you
Watching you, learning you
Word to Pac, I'm plottin' to murder you
Sure the thought can occur to you
My next album flop, then I'm goin pop, like Nelly
With tops dropped on convertible, Porsches
Born Sinner, not burning no crosses
Might burn a couple bridges, I'm losing by double digits
I gotta do somethin'
Fightin' depression I'm trying my nigga
But everytime I think about it I'm cryin' my nigga
Cried myself to sleep on thousand dollar sheets
I reak of the scent of a vendetta that's deep
I'm playing for keeps, but you ain't think I'd bounce back
They love to hear black nigga count stacks, count stacks

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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe-NewCutOnDeck-HellsKitchen-J.Cole & Bas

Man this dude J Cole keeps it coming.  This new cut jumped right out at me (literally).  Ya’ll know I’m a Cole fan so whenever I see his name, I’m going to check it out.  On this one J. Cole continues the onslaught.  Here’s the states

THE TRACK- 5($$$$) hypnotic…….

THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) he delivers another one..

MUSCLE- 3($$$) the streets gonna love this one……

JUICE- 2($$) this not a radio record but its still a banger….

LYRICS- 5($$$$$) J. Cole is a true wordsmith……

BUZZ- 2($$) we’re way early on this one but it’s gonna happen..

TOTAL- 22pts out of 30 pts (grade B)  Man all ya’ll gotta do is listen….

I’m ReggieRedd and this gets 2 thumbs up.  A GetAtMeInRotation..


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