Quisha B. Revamps Kat Dahlia's Gangsta with an edgy "Longtime" twist to the hook! verses written by Quisha B (Sesac Affiliate). The definition of a Gangsta i...


I love new artist (yall already know that).  I also love to hear product that I know has a different edge on it.  QuishaB came out of nowhere (real talk).  This video was different but what caught my eye was the work that was done to bring this product creatively to light.  The thing that works the best are the things that show the most value through the hype.  QuishaB seems to be from the school of no hype but this artist's talent no doubt is going to overide the hype.  When the indusrty give her some bullets, she's gonna hit some targets.  We'll keep you #InTheLoop.  Here's the stats

THE TRACK- 3($$$) haughtingly on point

THEPERFORMANCE- 3($$$) Her voice has its own space and the combo of singing and rapping works for her.

MUSCLE- 2($$) as her movement gets in place she'll catch momentum

JUICE- 1($) Its will take a strong song for radio to get on board so she should grind out the live shows and build her base

TIMING- 2($$) noone else is like her so she has the potential of catching new legs.  Early adapting teen female (12-17) have a massive potential to taking to her (for real), the Tumblr crowd.  The online community can deliver her as long as she and her product grows and evolves.

THE SONG- 2($$) The visuals and her tone and her performance really is what caught my ear and eye.  Whe QuishaB finds the right song(or the song finds her) she gonna have impact.

TOTAL- 11PTS out of 30 (D- grade)  

Don't let this grade fool you.  Her grade was based on the work she has to do.  QuishaB, putting in the work and establishing her base (which may establish on its own) is gonna have impact.  She's gonna have to find a comfortable place where she can maintain her new lane and also be able to engage new fans (she'll do it).

I'm ReggieRedd and QuishaB is #OnDaWall


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