GetAtMe:FriendWithBenefits- Amber Fox- "100 Favors" Birdman ft Kendrick Lamar & Detail | GetAtMe |

You talk shit about it, but you always do
100 all that, I know I got your lady
You say don’t worry bout it, 
100 all night

And I’m sitting here sippin on the last bit of vodka
The only thing I see is your face
You’re favorite, and you keep it 100
So there you go 100 favors, shout out
Swear I be sitting here thinking bout the shit that we’ve been through
And all I know is girl I’ll owe 100, 100, 100 favors
I owe you 100 favors, 100, 100, 100 favors

Niggas all talk, it will never change
Keep on choosin do your thang
All them favors, I call her like a driver
Drowning in that pussy, and I’m a soul survivor
Vodka, hunned favors, gt water melon
She always do me favors, and I don’t never tell her
Peachie yellow mango, I love to drink juice
Owe her 100 favors, I call her my 100 proof
Man I heard about an ange