Using IFTTT with the Jawbone UP | Get Healthy and Fit (Body, Mind, Spirit) |

The Jawbone UP fitness tracker is a lot more useful now that Jawbone has opened the API to third-party developers. One of the most exciting companies tapping into the UP platform is online automation tool, IFTTT. In the article below, I will talk a little bit about connecting your UP to IFTTT and then list some of my favorite recipes.


IFTTT is an automation tool that allows you to setup tasks that happen at a certain time or in response to a certain event. It uses a trigger event ("If this happens") to initiate an action ("then do that"). Within the IFTTT framework, you create what are called recipes to select the trigger event and its resulting action. For example, you can create a recipe that uses a date/time trigger to send you an email at the same time each day.



Some FTTT recipes for the UP.

See the big picture of how you sleep. Track your Zzz's with a spreadsheet!

If I get more than X hours of sleep, set my mood to 'energized' in my Jawbone UP feed

Share Foursquare gym check-ins to your Jawbone UP feed

Log my UP meals and their nutritional content into a Google spreadsheet

Send your spouse a friendly email when you get below 7 hours of sleep

Tweet when I walk more than 10,000 steps

Remind me if I don't work out for 3 days

If I get less than 5 hours of sleep, put on a pot o' coffee with WeMo

#sunshine brings better #mood

Tag an Instagram photo with #UP to share it with your team

There are now 110 recipes on IFTTT for the UP and this number is climbing. If you have an UP, let us know in the comments if you use it with IFTTT.



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