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German proverbs - Wikiquote

German proverbs - Wikiquote | German Language |

Proverbs from all German speaking areas in the world.


Gust MEES: A great resource for anyone  whos mother tongue is not English.This WikiQuote helps a lot to find the right expressions...

Also a great tool to teach English by proverbs and to show that a 1:1 translation from German into English does not bring the same results, the same meaning!


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The Germans Can Teach Us About Living Well

The Germans Can Teach Us About Living Well | German Language |
The people of Germany, with their reputation for having an industrial-strength work ethic, may not spring to mind as the happiest or healthiest people around. Yes, Germans are better known for their beer and brats than their wellness rituals.

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craig daniels's curator insight, October 13, 2013 11:45 AM

Unplugging doesn't have to mean we go cold turkey and shut off all our connections to technology. The best way is to tune into nurturing a balance in our whole life is to embrace a balance that allows us to enjoy all things life has to offer.

Carolyn Gregoire's post is very relevant to our search for balance, she sites 7 areas that people in German society consider important to their happiness and wellness.

Give it a read and consider how you view your own life in our technological 21st century.