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Radiation May Be Required for Life

Radiation May Be Required for Life | Geology |
“ Deep in the Earth, a series of experiments is revealing how life suffers when it's deprived of background levels of radiation.”
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A. R. Wallace: The Other Guy to Discover Natural Selection

This paper-puppet animation celebrates the life of Alfred Russel Wallace, who is co-credited with Charles Darwin for the theory of natural selection.  Read the story here:

Via Seth Dixon
Kelsey McCartney's insight:

A sweet animation of the wonderful Alfred Russel Wallace, the oft unaknowledged simualtaneous discoverer of evolutionary mechanisms.

Seth Dixon's curator insight, December 4, 2013 1:32 PM

Some of the greatest discoveries in biology began as spatial discoveries.  Alfred Russel Wallace made some amazing advances in biogeography and discovered the appropriately named Wallace Line

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Wilmine Merlain's curator insight, December 17, 2014 9:13 PM

Wallace is one person you rarely hear about in the classroom, especially as a person who made a dent in science as a co-founder of natural selection. As someone who did his research in Brazil, Darwin, founder of the Natural Selection theory believed that Wallace may have come across one of his published manuscripts in order to make his claims be known. But one thing Darwin may have missed is how Wallace was reaffirming is scientific claims. 

Maddison Louise Pomeroy's curator insight, May 16, 8:20 AM
This would be a great introduction to natural selection and evolution. The visuals and the story layout help students understand the basics of Wallace and Darwin's ideas and topics such as competition, speciation, evolutionary mechanisms. etc can be used as points of expansion. 
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Healing the Land, Grazing for Solutions

Healing the Land, Grazing for Solutions | Geology |
Allan Savory's vision for a more sustainable food system, the “Savory Grazing Method,” facing criticism, and his long-term plans for The Savory Institute.

Via Garry Rogers
Garry Rogers's curator insight, February 1, 2014 5:00 PM

"Holistic management," is an outdated system that we know will not work.  Savoy's work is a rediscovery of rotational grazing management that was tried in the 1940's, and still dominates the policies of public land management agencies. Ecosystems disintegrate under rotation grazing because the system requires too many fine adjustments from year to year. It is no longer accepted by thinking naturalists, because it tends to eliminate wildlife, tear ecosystems apart, and add to the continuing downward spiral of Earth systems. Take a look at what growing human populations require in areas considered for rotational grazing. You will see that we are past the sustainable levels in many areas, and yet demand is still growing. Long-term thinking is needed.

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Geology: North America's broken heart -

Geology: North America's broken heart - | Geology |
Geology: North America's broken heart
The volcanic rocks are remnants of what is called the Midcontinent Rift, and it is an enormous geological puzzle. Rifts are wounds in Earth's outer layer that can grow to eventually form new oceans.
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