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Scooped by Jesse Dunbar!

Stupid Americans answering about the World & Geography

proves exactly why we need geography විස්තර කියවන්න:

Jesse Dunbar's insight:

This short clip, sourced from youtube, proves exactly why geography studies is a key subject in the modern world. With a serious lack of knowledge, interviewees from this clip give embarrassing answers to what should be simple questions.

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Rescooped by Jesse Dunbar from Geography Education!

Geographers Making a Difference

"Geography is a broad and diverse field, but one thing geographers have in common is using a geographic perspective to have an impact on the world. In this video, a few talk about the many ways that geography helps them to make a difference." 


This video is a great demonstration of the diverse and practical applications of geography.  This is a great answer to the oft-asked question, "but what does a geographer DO?"


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Via Seth Dixon
Jesse Dunbar's insight:

Question 1: Before watching this video what was you're understanding of the term Georgraphy?


Question 2: After watching this clip, has your perspective changed? if so, how?

mapsdotcom's curator insight, February 28, 2014 11:48 AM

How can you make a difference with Geography? What does it mean to you?

Kristen Trammell's curator insight, May 26, 2015 6:22 PM

I. This video not only answers why geographers are important, but also what important things do they do. This video is a demonstration about the diverse and practical applications of geography, also explaining the various effects of geography. For example, geography can effect logistics, marketing, sales and government affairs. 


II. Although APHUG has immensely elevated my knowledge of geographers roles, this video told me things that geographers do that i was not aware of. For example, geographers doing research on coastal communities with the sea rise due to arctic melting and climate change. Geographers study the environment as well as the human-environment interaction, contrary to common belief that geographers only study land formations and urban patterns.