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How did Uluru form?

How did Uluru form? | Geography |

Uluru is easily the most iconic natural landform in Australia, and its formation was equally special. The creation of Uluru and Kata Tjuta — as both were formed at the same time — began over 500 million years ago.

At this time the big crustal blocks that form the Australian continent coming together. A block called the Musgrave Province pushed up from the south creating mountains — the Petermann Ranges — in an event called the Petermann Orogeny (an orogeny is a mountain-building event.)

When they first formed, the Petermann Ranges were a high mountain range more like the Alps or the Himalayas. Today, we can only see the 'nubs' or 'roots' of this once mighty range, says Dr Marita Bradshaw, a geologist with Geosciences Australia.

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Aborigines threaten to shut Uluru

Aborigines threaten to shut Uluru | Geography |
Aboriginal leaders threaten to ban tourists from a top Australian landmark in protest at "racist" government policies.

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Gene Gagne's curator insight, December 10, 2015 7:08 PM

the government punishing a whole culture for crimes is outrageous. Not all are guilty but all are punished. it is proven fact that more minorities in this country are incarcerated for drug usage than whites but that doesn't mean you jail all black people. The government is being racist because the aboriginal are poverty stricken group who do not contribute to society, they only have a population of 300,000 people. In the governments eyes they just exist on the land and do nothing for the economy. Well it must have some influence because they are protesting by not allowing tourists climb Uluru or Ayers rock. I guess the government will not be collecting permit fees or other fees associated with the climbing of the rock. Tourism should take a hit from hotel accomendations  to hiking tour guides to purchasing gear etc...

Benjamin Jackson's curator insight, December 14, 2015 12:22 PM

Australia has always had troubles dealing with their past actions against the native population of their island, and this will hopefully be a wake up call on the policies they have taken.

Nicole Canova's curator insight, May 2, 5:24 PM
Interesting how the Aboriginal people of Australia are using geography as a form of protest, claiming that they will close down a popular tourist attraction in response to legislation.  Additionally, this article tackles the issue of race; the Aboriginal people were angry with the government in the first place was as a result of prejudiced legislation that targeted Aboriginal communities. It banned pornography and alcohol in 70 communities in an effort to curb the sexual abuse of children, which is reported at rates seven times higher among the Aboriginal people than the Australian average.  Although this is a serious problem that must be addressed, biased legislation is not the answer.