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Buyer’s Guide for Generators

Buyer’s Guide for Generators | Generator services |

Contrary to what many people think, generators are remarkably simple machines. In any case, they are similar to your electrical power plant, only that they are on a much smaller scale. Nevertheless, if you have taken the trouble to learn anything about this extremely beneficial machinery, it would be impossible to understand their simplicity. For most of us, a machine is just a machine; a complex tool. With this notion, buying the right generator becomes a highly complex task but this should be not acceptable. If you are about to buy a generator, read this article to help you make the right decision as far as the types of generators is concerned.


Talking of types of generators, they come in different kinds based on use and complexity. Here are the different classifications of generators in the market today. They include standby generators, portable generators, power take off generators and recreational vehicle generators. Let us take a look at the two most popular and commonly used generators in homes and businesses.


Standby generators


One too many time, you may have experienced the challenges that come with prolonged power outages. When this happens, your food in the fridge may get spoiled and you are prevented from making the routine use of electricity. One can never tell when this disaster is about to happen, and no one knows for sure when the resulting problem can be solved. To avoid frustrations and disappointments, it is advisable for you to spend on this type of generator. With this type of generator, none of your work will be halted. These types of generators are typically mini emergency power plants and are usually fueled using reliable natural gas or even propane. From there, electricity is routed into your home or business premise via generator automatic transfer switch. This is meant for starting and stopping your generator automatically.

Portable generators


Just as the name suggests, these generators are a matter of mobility. They usually deliver electricity in the remote areas that have not been plugged into the electrical grid. They usually come in handy during tailgating and camping (the tiny handheld generators). You might have spotted large portable generators in the trucks headed to a construction site. If you are a home owner tired of dealing with power outages, portable generators should come in handy. The only challenge is that portable generators may not have generator automatic transfer switch, which means that you will have to begin and stop the generator manually.

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Key Notes on Marine Engine Service | Peterson Power

Key Notes on Marine Engine Service | Peterson Power | Generator services |
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John Smith's insight:

It is very hard to repair a boat or steamer in the water. The boat engine runs at extremely high RPM's, and if the spare parts or attached equipment are not reliable, then boat or ship may stop anytime. It is the worst of both worlds to stay in the water for a long time until any kind of help reaches for service. Thank God, these days marine engines are exceptionally well made and perform well in water like automobiles. With quality products and spare parts that are integrated with boats, marine engine service is not a big issue now because these high quality equipments have the least chance of wear and tear.  Usually marine engine services include the following types of maintenance in order to keep the constant moment of a boat on the water.

Water Pump Maintenance: Most marine engines are cooled by their own pumping system by taking water from the ocean or lake. The boat pulls water into the engine from a pickup in the lower unit of the outboard or outdrives or engine. The in built water pump containing a rubber or plastic impeller circulates the water through the water jacket of the engine to keep it cool.

Thorough Cleaning of the engine: Whether it is a marine engine or an industrial engine, thorough cleaning is required from time to time in order to remove all the contaminants that could lead to the premature wear and tear of the engine and an early failure. The parts like crankshaft, camshaft, cylinders, connecting rods, and heads are to be removed and reassembled again to make sure that they stay clean. After reassembling the engine, it is restarted and checked for the vacuum, oil pressure, temperature and compression.

Following key points need to be kept in mind while servicing the industrial engine or marine engine service:-

•    It is important to seal all the tank and engine openings to protect the moist air from entering into the engine and the tanks.
•    Anti corrosion sprays should be used to cover the unpainted parts of the engine.
•    The control cables should be properly greased and also lubricates the pivots and the linkages.
•    Replacing the oil filter from time to time is an important thing that has to be kept in mind and the engine oil should be changed from time to time.
•    It is necessary to change the coolant of the engine from time to time as it loses to anti corrosion properties with use.

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