Gender Inequality
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Equal Pay Day 2013: 10 Resources on Gender Wage Inequality

Equal Pay Day 2013: 10 Resources on Gender Wage Inequality | Gender Inequality |

"Rosie The Riveter" by Norman Rockwell (1943 oil on cavas)Created by the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) in 1996, Equal Pay Day is a public awarene (10 Resources on Gender Wage Inequality

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What People Really Think about Women

What People Really Think about Women | Gender Inequality |
Thanks to a tweet from sociologist Sarah Sobieraj, we learned of a powerful campaign to raise awareness about gender inequality from the arm of the United Nations dedicated to empowering women.

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Ryan Chester's insight:

When I was searching for my topic of gender inequality, this one really caught my eye. This reminds me a lot of the Half the Sky excerpt. They both pretty much summarized how in different places around the world have great authority and empower over women. Not only was it talking about the mistreatment of women and how they're valued, but this goes into depth about all of that information. For example, the section I read yesterday from the Half the Sky excerpt,  it was talking about a woman in Pakistan, and how she was beaten and abused by her now ex-husband for not meeting his standards of how she needs to act and help take care of things. There are things like that happening all over the world, and in the article, it talked about how women in countries like India and Pakistan aren't viewed as actual people; they're viewed as property! They have no rights whatsoever, and if they don't listen or disobey anything (even if it isn't intentional), they are punished. Some of these punishments include processes of beating, acid attacks, bride burning, jail tiime, and even death in some circumstances. This relates to that  because ths article right here is basically talking about how women in some parts of the world are viewed low or poorly and treated those ways as well. Every time I think about this, it makes me feel bad for these innocent women, and what they have to go through in every day life. I say that because I know I wouldn't want that to happen to me, especially after talking about the process of bride burning yesterday!!! It's just a veery emotional and sad thing to think about, that there are actual places in this world today that participate in these practices. Another thing that I thought about is that many women can be viewed by cultural perspectives like religion, beliefs, and stuff like that. Even though I see no comments on this article, I do thing that this article is a valid source, and I say that because from the things that I learned yesterday, this relates to it all, so I do think that this is a trustworthy article.

Robyn DeAbreu's curator insight, December 5, 2013 7:00 PM

Women can do anything men can do. There are many campaigns worldwide to raise awareness about gender inequality and they have millions of supporters. The empowerment of women is the solution to the end of gender inequality. The authors of Half The Sky promote the empowerment of women to help decrease human trafficking, honor killings, genital mutilation, as well as many other things.

Sirila Padi's curator insight, December 5, 2013 7:29 PM

This article appears on my page because gender inequality is such a big topic in the world today. Not only was it popular a while ago, but it still is and the only way to stop it is by awareness. Some people don't even know how their actions itself can easily display this. Honestly, anyone would benefit from reading and viewing this because it really shows how are society thinks. Through this, hopefully we can come together and change this so that when you type "Women cannot" in a google search these wont show up. This related specifically to our reading of Half the Sky because it shows again the big topic of gender inequality. It shows the difference or the stereotype that women cant do something because they are a women. This should not be how the world operates. Women can do every single thing that men can do. Its not that they can't do it, yet instead its all about first offering them an oppurtunity to do it so that we can prove those that think this wrong!


hannah's curator insight, April 27, 2014 9:21 PM

 found this article to produce intersting results . It gives apublic view of private thinking about women verse men's oles and rights. While we often of the inequality exmaples of such things as  baby girls in China being mistreated or killed or boys being fed more in Indian. We tend to think the more western world holds women to different standards, this google seach research project from the United Nations demonstrated that there remains unequalities among the thinking of various educated and urban minds of both men but even very much so in women proving feminist movement remain important in promoting this pattern of social thinking.

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Teenager spreads message of gender equality

Teenager spreads message of gender equality | Gender Inequality |
MYSORE: When girls of her age think of finding ways to have fun, this 16-year-old girl decided to tread the less-trodden path. Sangita Ranjan, a 12th grade student in the USA and a native of...
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Policies Labour must adopt to address Gender Inequality.

Policies Labour must adopt to address Gender Inequality. | Gender Inequality |
Women in the Uk are increasing turning to the Labour Party, aware of the hollow promises from Coalition parties (made up in 2010 MPs of 16% (Con) and 12% (LibDems), whose austerity policies have re...

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