Bitly Launches New Social Search Engine: Realtime | Gen up |

Giuseppe Mauriello: Bitly announced new service called Realtime. It's a social search engine in private beta for finding the most clicked on Bitly links. It allows users to filter searches by keywords, topic, social network, country, target domain, language.

From review article on The Verge:
"Bitly's calling it an "attention ranking engine," and that seems apt in our testing so far. Unlike Twitter's trending topics or the competition, you're able to find out which webpages are most shared, rather than simply the most viral comments on those stories.

As reporters, we're definitely fans of the idea: we can see it being a very useful tool for people who want to know what's interesting right this moment.

Of course, the results are only really useful if gains popularity yet again: Most social networks have their own URL shortener these days..."

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