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iPad Mini Released - Apple Announces 7.8 Inch iPad Mini



If you have followed our recent posts, we were discussing about today's event where Apple had plans to announce new iPad. We'll, it is indeed true and here is the big news, Apple has just announced new iPad Mini with a smaller screen which is quite obvious to Eddy Cue's statement that there exists a 7 inch tablet market and so Apple needs to have product of their own right into that market. The new iPad mini has the same display when talking about pixels so the developers need not make new apps to support iPad mini. In Fact  they wouldn't even have to update their existing apps, the apps will just work as if they were designed for iPad mini. 

Here's an overview of the new features of iPad Mini:

Its 7.2 mm thin and that makes it 23% thinner than the iPad and as Phil says, it is as thin as a pencil. The new iPad mini is 53% lighter than the original iPad and is as lighter as a note pad. iPad mini comes in both white as well as black color. Compared with Nexus 7, iPad mini is a clear winner ( we'll discuss about this later) There are over 275,000 apps that are ready and designed specifically for the iPad and since iPad mini shares the same display resolution, these apps work for iPad mini too. The new iPad mini features a dual core A5 chip It has an improved Facetime camera with an amazing 5 mp rear camera. iPad mini is designed to work on LTE networks New improved reversible lightening connector. All these features, yet the iPad mini provides a stunning 10 hours of battery backup. Stylish smart covers in various colors. The new iPad mini will start from a price range of $329

Images of iPad Mini