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Phone Dev-Team senior member Musclenerd has just confirmed that iPhone3GS and iPhone3Gbaseband downgrade will soon be possible with all the pieces together, downgrade seems possible for these devices. This will be beneficial to those iPhone users who updated their baseband to 6.15 iPad's baseband by losing their GPS. Musclenerd tweeted that great progress has been made on downgrade of6.15 baseband. He also mentioned that all the pieces are in place so we can expect an update to redsn0w soon, which will allow downgrading of 6.15 baseband to any of the unlockable baseband.

iPhone Baseband Downgrade

With Apple planning to release iOS6 for devices tomorrow, it is most likely that iOS6 will not support iPhone3GS indicating that Apple will no longer support software updates for iPhone3GS just like it was during the release of iOS5 and iPhone3G was left out. This could be the right time for iPhone Dev-Team to release a baseband downgrade tool as Apple would not release any further software update to patch it. iPhone Dev-Team has also been working on iPhone4 baseband but for the moment the good news is for iPhone3G and iPhone3GS users only.