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Sources have revealed that Apple has started the production of the new iPhone5 is planning to release it during the August-September as always. Apple's new iPhone5 will make a huge difference as the competitors have already released strong and promising products that are going to make a difference in how the new products succeed. 
My reliable Chinese sources told that, new iPhone has started manufacture phase, then "iPhone 5 cases" are being leaked at Alibalba.com. This source told also, "iPhone 5" which had been leaked in May were prototype (via 9to5Mac) for design test, and

We have already discussed that Apple's new iPhone 5 will have a redesigned display with larger screen and more of aluminium and glass suggesting Apple's commonly designed mac books. All we can say it, we are gonna have to wait for the release of iPhone 5 to fully understand the design and specifications of the device. Apple is likely to launch the iPhone5 on August 7th