Video Exercise Helps Overweight, Obese Teenagers Lose Weight | Geek Therapy |

The first studey demonstrating weight loss from video games that require physical activity has been published online in the journal Obesity...


The analyses examined whether a 20-week exergame intervention could produce weight loss and improve psychosocial outcomes for 54 overweight and obese African-American ad


The authors found that when played cooperatively, “exergames” that require gross motor movement, in this case the Nintendo Wii Active, can help combat the pediatric obesity epidemic.


“These overweight and obese teens who played exergames in teams lost on average 5.5 pounds compared to the control group, whose members actually gained weight during the intervention,” says Staiano, who received her Ph.D. in psychology from Georgetown in 2010. “Given the popularity of video games, these exergames can be a fun and effective tool to engage kids in physical activity and help them achieve a healthy weight.”


Cooperative exergame players also significantly increased their confidence in completing goals as compared to the control group, and both exergame conditions significantly increased peer support more than the control group did.


“Motivating obese adolescents can be extremely challenging,” Abraham says. “When we use technology and adopt methods they are already used to and are comfortable with – like video games – the healthy behaviors are more likely to be sustained.”