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Posted by ARRI on November 13, 2012


British cinematographer Tony Coldwell recently used ARRI ALEXA cameras and ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Prime lenses on the BBC children's series WOLFBLOOD. Here below is his report:


(...) "One attribute the transformed Wolfbloods had in the show was an ability to run at superfast speeds. The producer didn't want this to be a CGI solution, so we worked through combinations of shutter angles and frame rates to achieve the effect in-camera. With the right foregrounds and various methods of transport, we worked out some very impressive solutions - sometimes shooting from the back of quad bikes, cars and rickshaws, and sometimes running with the ALEXA. By the end of the shoot my grip, Dan Inman, had designed and constructed a ZipCam style rig on wires between the trees for my Canon 5D Mark III, to get great swooping aerial shots. His next version of the rig will take an ALEXA so we can get even better pictures.


Throughout the shoot we collected frame grabs on nearly every scene and the DIT and I would explore looks with the ARRI Look Creator - sometimes for use on set but mainly to bank ideas for the grade. We generally shot in ProRes 422 (HQ), but sequences that were going to have CGI content we shot ProRes 4444."



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