Gay Marriage Halo Effect - New York Times | Gay Rights |

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1. This article is about the writers political view of gay marriage.

2."That same day, in neighboring New Jersey, the State Assembly passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage — something that Cuomo had fiercely championed in New York last year, and the passage of which brought him great acclaim from liberal and gay rights groups. In New Jersey, however, the reaction of the governor to the passage of the bill was altogether different: Chris Christie, the tough-talking conservative — who has been pummeling unions since he took office — vowed to veto the marriage bill. Which he did, the very next day."

3. The writer believes supporting gay marriage could help you politically in the future.

4."By 2016, it is not inconceivable that same-sex marriage will be a widely accepted part of American life. In which case, Cuomo will have gained another political advantage by supporting it when he did. And Christie’s veto, meanwhile, may not look so politically astute after all."

6.I learned that he is very big on political strategy and doing whatever will get you to the top.

7.I think he was talking to politicians saying "Hey if you do this i could help you in the end".

8. Yes he does because his information is important to support his oppinion.