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Cuts and scrapes, even when small or minor, can be irritating to you and your body!  But if not properly taken care of, you can find yourself in a situation that goes from bad to worse.  If you prefer to err on the side of safe, rather than sorry, then you can follow these steps on how to properly care for a wound. When caring for wounds, cuts, or other blows to parts of the body, proper care is crucial to avoid infection or other complications.  Minor cuts and wounds usually don’t call for a visit to the emergency room, yet simple guidelines can help you care for simple wounds and prevent insanitation. Solutions and Treatment: First-Aid   Stop the Bleeding Scrapes and minor cuts tend to stop bleeding on their own, using the body’s blood clot mechanisms.  If not, applying gentle pressure, for about 20 minutes, with a clean bandage or gauze pad, should do the trick.  Also if possible, elevate the wound site.  (If blood consistently discharges, despite continuous pressure, immediately seek medical attention).    Properly Clean the Affected Area After inspecting your wound, thoroughly rinse the area with clean, cool temperature water.  The coolness of the water, can help to alleviate swelling, in addition to flushing out Read More