Connected to the Outdoors: A Modern House with a Modular Folding Wall | What Surrounds You |

This unique residence by Pitsou Kedem Architects gives inhabitants the ability to control light entering the space with a modular facade design that also provides for changing views and varying degrees of privacy.

With great attention paid to the relations between outdoors and indoors, this structure has been designed to convert the interior space into the outdoors with great modularity while retaining its simple and clean detailing. The most fascinating views of this residence take place when the pivot shutters open, allowing one to look straight through the interiors to the rear pool side beyond without any restrictions. Standing in the front garden, one is able to look out to the rear landscape connecting the two outside spaces.

The ability to reverse the balanced composition into a dynamic one is made possible thanks to the design of a system of smart blinds that allows them to be lifted upwards and folded into what resembles a roof. As all the rails and fixtures are hidden when the façade is closed, the changing possibilities also hide in the residence's façade. ..

Via Lauren Moss