Gangnam Style in Desi Style - This is a South Asian/ Indian dance version of K-Pop Success "Gangnam Style" by Ps, Performance by Beauitful South Asian/ India...


Following relieve "Gangnam Style", Psy made several performances on television possibly at concerts in Korea. Among the first of such performances include his appearance about the weekly South Korean music program, The music activity Trend. Psy Gangnam also performed at a number of concerts ahead of his departure for the US, including during "The Heumbbeok Show" as well as the Summer Stand Concert in Seoul.
On August 20, Psy posted on Twitter "Bringing #GANGNAM STYLE for the Dodgers–Giants game this evening". Dodger Stadium presented a segment called "PSY Dance Cam" where they showed clips in the music video, then live shots of baseball fans dancing, then Psy, who waves and does the dance.Two days later, Psy appeared on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live show, and taught television hosts Carrie Keagan and Jason Dundas the way to dance "Gangnam Style".
On September 6, Psy Gangnam appeared about the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards performing his "Gangnam Style" dance alongside comedian Kevin Hart.  Following event, Psy will make several more appearances on US TV programs. On September 10, he appeared within the The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Burbank, California, introducing himself as "Psy from Korea", before teaching Britney Spears the dance. He described the dance as "pretending to bounce like riding while on an invisible horse" so when Ellen told Britney she would need to remove her high-heeled shoes to execute the dance Psy protested that no, the was, 'to decorate classy, and dance cheesy.' On September 14, he appeared on NBC's morning program Today in Ny for the Toyota Concert Series, where he performed the song and in addition taught the anchors the dance. The September 15 season premiere episode of Saturday Night Live featured a sketch based on the song as well as video. Bobby Moynihan portrayed Psy, but was joined mid-sketch by Psy himself.
On September 22, Psy made an appearance in the iHeartRadio Music Festival to accomplish "Gangnam Style". Psy would resume Mexico on September 25. While Psy Gangnam was in the US, it turned out announced he, as ambassador in the F1 Korean Grand Prix, will perform "Gangnam Style" at the event during the 2012 edition.