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Rescooped by Cynthia V. Marcello from eLearning!

Using Gamification to Drive Engagement

This presentation focuses on the role of specific approaches, namely gamification and various types of simulation, to motivate and energize learners in a more i

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Gamescademy's curator insight, December 8, 2013 7:26 AM

גיימיפיקיישן של למידה - מצגת מקיפה על הנושא gamification to drive engagment

Scooped by Cynthia V. Marcello!

How To Learn Board Game Design and Development – Tuts+

How To Learn Board Game Design and Development – Tuts+ | Game Design |

by David Silverman


"Over the past decade, board games have gained increased prominence within the game industry. With the growing popularity of Euro-style board games, such asSettlers of Catan, and the constant influx of new games and game types such asDominion, the popular deck-building game, board games have seen an unexpected resurgence among gamers of all kinds. While board games share many ideas with video games, they are played in a very different way, and often use very different game mechanics. Designing for board games brings about different challenges than designing for video games, but the skills can be applied universally to make all of your games better."


Jim Lerman's insight:


Quite a thorough and complete introduction to board game design. An excellent place for beginners to start and more advanced users to make sure they have crossed all their ts and dotted all their is.



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