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Afterglow Headset (Universal Wireless) Review and Comparison

The Afterglow headsets are powered with the latest Avnera wireless solution to provide rock-solid connectivity and crystal-clear gaming audio for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game systems and because the headsets are universal, they will work with all gaming platforms as well as PC and mobile devices. The new wireless Afterglow headset is powered by a Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery that provides 10 hours of worry-free gaming and includes a 10’ foot Play-and-Charge cable to ensure zero downtime for marathon gaming sessions. A small USB transmitter dongle comes pre-paired to the powerful, extended range headset and never needs to be re-paired, guaranteeing ease-of-use and a constant connection throughout the entire home. The Excellence of Afterglow headsets The Afterglow headset features a dual suspension headband that eliminates lateral pressure on the ears and head, a retractable noise cancelling microphone, and cutting edge wireless technology that eliminates pops, hisses, and dropped signals. In addition, the headsets feature large, 50mm Neodymium® speakers that sit inside an angled acoustic cavity tuned by an award-winning Hollywood audio post-production facility. The custom designed speakers are calibrated for audio depth, sonic richness, and clarity of sound. Both versions of the Afterglow headset feature three distinct audio modes: Pure Audio: Enjoy your game audio content in its original form at the highest possible quality. Bass Boost: If you appreciate earth-shaking explosions, Bass Boost will give low-end frequencies a boost without losing high-end clarity. Immersive: Introducing PDP’s proprietary 3D sound algorithm. With a capable DSP on board, a team of acoustic engineers and artists created this sound mode after extensive research and development. This mode expands the size of virtual environments without distorting the directionality, creating an immersive experience for the listener that’s only one step short of being there. Afterglow Headset Features Universal compatibility on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, PC, and mobile devices Powered by the latest Avnera wireless solution, the leader in Hi-Definition Wireless Audio Connectivity, providing a constant and clear connection to your game audio Lithium Polymer Battery provides 10 hours of active gaming on a single charge. Play and Charge cable included. Three digital audio modes: Pure Audio, Bass Boost, and Immersive Audio Retractable noise canceling microphone with active-listening LED indicator and Voice Overlay to ensure effective communication Afterglow Headset Comparison Chart [zonparison] This item will be released on October 23, 2012. Get this at << Click to go to the page of this headset. Related with Afterglow Headset

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The Afterglow Headset is a new step in wireless gaming headsets. It provides high quality sound when playing a game. The headset also has high fidelity connection, which for wireless headsets is essential.

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Audio-based virtual gaming aims to help the blind navigate

Audio-based virtual gaming aims to help the blind navigate | Game Audio |
Using only audio-based cues within the context of a video game metaphor, blind users in a study out of Harvard are able to explore a building's layout. Read this article by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore on CNET News.

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Blake Dennis's insight:

This article isn't directly correlated to the video game industry, but it is still a new technology that brings audio and games together. Using audio to direct blind people could be considered revolutionary to people with blindess. When combined with a game, it becomes more interactive and easier to learn.

Diana Petschauer's curator insight, April 3, 2013 2:41 AM

"A video game that uses audio cues and computer-generated building layouts has proven to be better at improving a blind person's spatial awareness of that place than does actually walking them through it, according to new research out of Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary"

Stephanie Shivak's curator insight, November 5, 2014 4:31 PM

Not only does this have potential for improving the lives of the visually impaired, but it also introduces a whole new concept into console gaming as well as things like the Oculus.  If sound designers, engineers and composers are adding aural cues as well as visual throughout the game, it's almost like adding another dimension.  Moreover, if both the medical and gaming industries begin researching this, both fields have the opportunity to advance from the other's information.


See Ma, video games are good for something!

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Guidelines For Designing With Audio

Guidelines For Designing With Audio | Game Audio |


As we’ve seen, audio is used as a feedback mechanism when users interact with many of their everyday devices, such as mobile phones, cars, toys and robots. There are many subtleties to designing with audio in order to create useful, non-intrusive experiences. Here, we’ll explore some guidelines and principles to consider when designing with audio.

While I won’t cover this here, audio is a powerful tool for designing experiences for accessibility, and many of the guidelines discussed here apply. Both Android phones and iPhones already have accessibility options that enable richer experiences with gestural and audio input and audio output.

First, who designs audio? Certainly, the audio producers and game designers who bring gaming to life. There’s also the world of voice user interface designers — those who design interactive voice response telephone systems for banks, airlines, etc. Then there are mobile, toy and interaction designers who have some of this expertise or who work closely with audio engineers and producers to create the right experience for their devices.

If audio might play a part in your design, here are some considerations to make once you have determined that the user’s device has a speaker and can play audio, and is either network-connected or has enough memory to store audio on the device.


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Blake Dennis's insight:

This article provides an interesting view of how audio can impact various media, other than album creation. For Instance with gaming, there is an art to enhancing the game with intuitive audio. Well-done audio is essential to creating a lasting and quality experience for games.

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Best Gaming Audio Speaker Systems in 2013

A powerful message from Adrian!! I really enjoyed it.

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This article provides a useful list of speaker hardware that is best used for gaming. Although not a revolutionary new technology for the gaming industry, it is still interesting for consumers who want the best audio when playing games.

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Game-changing technology could have adverse impact on Video Game voice actors | Game On Audio To Create Simultaneous Audio Recording of MoCap Actors | VillageGamer

Game-changing technology could have adverse impact on Video Game voice actors | Game On Audio To Create Simultaneous Audio Recording of MoCap Actors | VillageGamer | Game Audio |

The line between video game acting and film acting keep getting blurrier. This new technology will allow studios to simultaneously capture high-quality audio as actors play out scenes on a soundstage. Bottom line is this: if you want to be cast in video games, you'll have to get comfortable with acting in front of a camera, if you aren't already...(Silver lining...the new technology doesn't require wearing the mo-cap "onesie.") 


The installation of Organic Motion’s “OpenStage” will enable Game On Audio to provide clients in both the gaming industry, and the entertainment industry as a whole, with the ability to simultaneously capture the performances of actors vocally and physically. Standard motion capture stages aren’t outfitted and equipped to capture high-quality sound, which leads to costly dubbing sessions where actors have to add voices to the physical action. With Game On’s new “Performance Studios,” which are fitted to Game On’s company-wide audio specifications, this has been consolidated into a one-step process.

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Blake Dennis's insight:

This article is very interesting in terms of new technology that is integrated into gaming. Voice acting has recently become an integral part of the new generation of games. Over the years, voice acting has become increasingly  important to consumers, especially within the Role Playing Game genre. Although not all video game consumers recognize the immediate value of superior voice acting, it is essential to a complete gaming experience. Also, with the new motion capture technology within game development to capture human-like fluid movements like the MoCap suit, bringing audio and video would be a huge leap forward.


The new "OpenStage" by Organic Motion is a combination of audio and voice acting when pertaining to games. The "Game On Audio" will allow game developers to record high quality audio as well as movement of the actor. This provides faster production of games and adds a more human-like feel to the vocal and movement of characters in games.

Stephanie Shivak's curator insight, November 5, 2014 4:12 PM

So this is cool... I want to be a part of this.  Gaming is all about how "into" the game you can get, yeah?  So when we start creating software that records and syncs actual facial expressions of the voice actors, the more realistic the characters will feel.  If the acting is being lumped together with the voiceovers, then this shows that audio is becoming even more important to the gaming world.