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10 BC Coastal First Nations, none of whom have never ceded their land or signed a treaty, are standing up on principle and saying, “We are tired of bringing people to see bears only to find the bodies of dead ones with their paws cut off lying in river estuaries.” They are declaring a ban on bear trophy hunting in their territory and declaring their own law, which, in effect, prohibits killing other than for food, and nobody eats bears. Grizzly bears are not edible. The BC government says the First Nations have no “jurisdiction” when it comes to the hunt, but this makes absolutely no sense. These people are the original inhabitants and have lived there sustainably for 10,000 years.

It’s time to end the hunt. Why is it illegal to kill a white Spirit Bear, but okay to kill a grizzly bear? Or a black bear that has a one in 10 chance of giving birth to a white Spirit bear? Could it be because we don’t want the world to know we allow rich hunters to shoot our 2010 Olympic mascot? That would be bad for our corporate image, wouldn’t it? We’re calling on our readers to help end this hypocrisy now.....

Via Wildlife Margrit