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I've mentioned several times the ESRI company of Redlands, California, which was founded and is still run by a family friend, Jack Dangermond, and which specializes in "geographic information systems." Essentially these are ways of layering economic, demographic, political, public health, transportation and other data over zoomable maps.

Yesterday ESRI put out a map plotting major electric-power outages after last week's storm over indicators of "social vulnerability," which they define thus:
Social vulnerability refers to potential exposure due to population and housing characteristics: age, low income, disability, home value or other factors. For example, low-income seniors may not have access to a car to simply drive away from an ongoing hazard such as a flood.
To me the map is interesting both for showing the path of the storm (damage indicated by the blue dots) and also for the "social vulnerability" shading -- darker colors indicating worse problems.

Via Elpidio I F Filho